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Dave Stroop comments on former Royal Dutch Shell Group Auditor, Bill Campbell

 June 12th, 2007 07:55

Comment by Dave Stroop on the article…

The Wall Street Journal: Shell’s Safety Record is Worse than BP’s

Dear Mr John Donovan,

I am pleased that Shell accepted liability for the deaths of the two men on Brent Bravo. I can remember that night, like it was yesterday. In fact I can remember it vividly!

The Shell Management of the platform were culpable in every way, why some people may ask? Well, they were in charge of the site. However, employees also have a responsibility, not just to the employers, but, also to their families and their co-workers. What makes a qualified technician, with many years experience on the installation, carry out a task which the management did not know about? Did he have a permit? Did he carry out activities as per the procedures he WAS trained in? Did he remove himself from the area as per evacuation procedures he WAS trained in?

Perhaps he did. Read the court transcripts and the HSE report properly.

Yes Shell has cut its maintenance budgets in recent years. Yes, I know of contract staff falsifying records. Was it reported, yes it was, verbally.

Did one of the deceased technicians carry out a task several years before and cause a gas release?

Was he reprimanded?
How did it happen again?

The next time you carry out a task at home, or employ a tradesman to carry out a task, ask yourself this question? Am I qualified to do this, do I know the law? Are my contractors qualified?

Dave Stroop  

Comment by Dave Stroop on the article…

Upstreamonline: From the start of his working life to retirement from Shell, Bill Campbell was a safe pair of hands

June 12th, 2007 09:03

Campbell subsequently became Shell Expro’s head of production operations and maintenance strategy from 1993 to 1996, responsible as head of a department that set the standards of competence for essential training and emergency response.

Mmmmmmmmm…..I went Offshore for the first time in 1993 for Shell. Thanks for the legacy Bill. Your strategy led to all the maintenance changes which happened since then.

Were you not involved in the Maintenance and Engineering Integrated Services Contract, which basically removed Shell from responsibility of maintenance and put it in charge of garage mechanics?

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