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Fri, Jun 29 2007, 14:26 GMT
by Phil Flynn


What is the biggest threat to the world energy markets and the future security of all oil consuming nations? It is of course the “Axis of Oil”. And it seems as the weeks go on the “Axis of Oil” is spinning its errors faster and faster and seems to be getting to the point where they are out of control.

Who or what is the “Axis of Oil”. Well as I have mentioned before they are the countries of Venezuela, Russia and Iran. Countries that are increasingly becoming intoxicated with the power of oil. The power comes from  controlling all that oil and natural gas in a world that is becoming increasingly more and more dependent upon what they have or seek to steal.

This week two members of the “Axis of Oil” – Russia and Venezuela – were especially active and transparent so the world can see their true colors. Venezuela nationalized their oil industry and kicked all US oil interests out. Russia is doing their best to do the same. They want to use oil not only as an economic tool but as political weapon. It was a bad week for those who care about freedom, free markets and the future security of oil and gas for consuming nations.

The most obvious assault on the rule of law and the security of the world’s oil supply was the strong arm tactics used by Hugo Chavez to force US and Canadian oil companies out of Venezuela. And now Mr. Chavez is hinting that he wants to pursue nuclear weapons.

Russia and the errors they’ve made with oil and natural gas have been well documented. Putin, like Chavez, has little regard for the rule of law and the first sign that things were not all right with Russian President Vladimir Putin was when he took over YUKO’s. Then Russia started squeezing out Shell and BP from large oil field projects. Now Russia wants to lay claim to all the oil.

Russia is even laying claim to gas and diamonds to be found in the North Pole! This is impossible because everyone knows that the North Pole belongs to the great man himself…Santa Claus! But a report from the Daily Mail says that the Russian President and his scientists claim that an underwater ridge near the North Pole is really part of Russia’s continental shelf. I guess it’s kind of the same way Saddam Hussein used to think Kuwait was part of Iraq.

This is another disturbing development from the Axis of Oil and very bullish factor the entire oil complex. Once again while the US Congress sits idly by our economic future is being divvied up and exploited by the “Axis of Oil”. Is anyone in Washington paying attention?

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Published on  Fri, 29 Jun 2007 14:27:46 GM
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