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An email from ‘Jim McGuire’ formally of Sakhalin Energy

Subject: Jim McGuire – Sakhalin – Web Posting

Dear Sirs,

This morning 17th July 2007 I used web search engines to find an article which was published as a result of a leak of information to your website.  According to your website, it was I (Jim McGuire) who had penned the above, which makes reference by name to certain members of SEIC and claiming to be the victim of all sorts of actions by people, some of whom I do not even know.  I was able to find the following article;

From this posting I found the date of the 7th July 2007 and searched again and then found this posting.

I have been unable to find the actual 7th July posting referred to above, but I believe I get the gist of its content.

I would politely but firmly like to deny posting the information above and would request that there is an unconditional retraction of my Name as the author.  I believe you may have been the victim of deception by the person who wrote this information and used my name to give it some semblance of authenticity.  I was employed by SEIC through an agency, until the 29th May 2007 at which time I left the employment of this organisation.  

Since leaving the employment of SEIC I had a number of employment offers, some formal, but all seemed to mysteriously disappear quite soon after the offer. Upon further investigation, I was referred to the article above which had been published without my involvement, knowledge or permission.  The effect that this publication has had, has now rendered me ‘persona non grata’ and all but destroyed my reputation in terms of my credibility to undertake a role which requires ‘absolute’ Client confidentiality.  This really is quite a serious situation as it now affects my ability to secure employment and could have an irreversible effect on my career. 

Whilst I understand your objective with regards to disclosure and accuracy, if you had contacted me first, it really would have enabled me to avoid damage to both my personal and professional reputation and would have confirmed the authenticity of the author of this posting.

I was indeed employed by Sakhalin Energy in the role of Senior Contracts Engineer, until the end of May 2007, at which time I left the Employment of the Company.

The posting may have been put on this website in order to get me to react, discredit me or to get me actively involved in the current situation.  There are no Senior Shell officials making threats against me or attempting to silence me! Since my departure from SEIC at the end of May 2007, I have had limited contact with SEIC, which was limited to issues of outstanding financial issues as is normal between Employer and Employee!  I am aware of the internal investigations by SEIC and I am no longer involved in this and do not intend to participate in any future internal investigations.

As you can imagine, I am quite annoyed that this did not come to my attention sooner and before publication, so that you could establish the authenticity of the author and therefore remove my name or association.

Yours faithfully,
Jim McGuire

Our response

Dear Mr McGuire

The comment posted by “Jim McGuire” was made on the following article…

It stated as follows: –

July 7th, 2007 07:17

I can confirm the views of Simon and Lucio. I was kicked out of SEIC and have since been the victim of uninterupted personal threats and attacks by Craig, Ruddock and Finlayson’s police in an attempt to silence me from telling you the whole truth about Sakhalin 2 budget and schedule. It is only the fear of losing my freedom and livelihood that prevents me from telling you more.


Jim McGuire

I note from your email today the following comments that: –

      * You were employed by SEIC.

      * Your contact since leaving the company has been in respect of outstanding financial issues. I trust that any acrimony is now satisfactorily resolved.

      * You were involved in internal investigations. You have not specified the nature of the investigations. Were they in relation to leaks?

      * You will not participate in any further internal investigations.

      * You say in the current tense “There are no Senior Shell officials making threats against me or attempting to silence me!”. Were there threats before the financial issues were resolved?

      You neglected to mention in your email that the name “Jim McGuire” was highlighted by putting it in quotes and that the article actually pointed out that the name might be false. We had no means of contacting you.

      To be frank, we do not know if you are the real “Jim McGuire” now – all we have is a Yahoo email address which could have been set up by anyone anywhere.

      Nonetheless, assuming that you are the authentic “Jim McGuire” as you claim, we have published your comments on an unedited basis. If you wish to comment further those comments will also be published unedited.

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