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29 July 2007

Dear friends,

Our efforts to expose and prevent the devastation of our community, heritage and environment continues. Everyday we join together and face intimidation, slander, mis-information and violence.

Our community now faces renewed jailings and jail threats from politically driven legal judgements on key members of our ongoing campaign. The spin-masters are now trying to shut down the solidarity camp, which has stood bravely with us during 2 hard years.

Ruling politicians continue to peddle the ‘all development is progress’ mantra and try to keep nformation and the right to protest at bay whilst Shell and Norway (via Statoil) get set to boom from Irish gas.

The Shell to Sea campaign has existed for over 6 years now. We remain committed to non-violence, community leadership and our right as citizens to protect our health, safety and environment and that of our families and the generations to come. We will not be bullied into submission by our own government, by profit hungry multinationals or by PR driven media.

Furthermore we stand firm in our belief that the current gas deal and planning processes are based on false economies agreed by corrupt and discredited politicians.

It is a long road to justice but we will continue. We are grateful for all the support and solidarity we have received from throughout Ireland and the world.

We ask that you re-double your efforts to support us and to help make Ireland a country that values its heritage, environment, culture and people and uses its resources for the benefit of all.

Your support, however small and in whatever form, is invaluable. There are lot’s of ways to help such as:

– Write letters to your local and regional newspapers
– Write to the national media
– Call radio talk shows
– Donate to the solidarity camp and wider campaign
– Organise and support groups in your community
– Spread information on the campaign amongst friends, families and colleagues
– Visit beautiful Erris
– Contact your local councillors, TDs, Ministers, MEPs and Senators
– Email EU Environment Commissioner Dimas: [email protected]
– Contact the Garda ombudsman / [email protected]
– Appeal to Human rights defenders and activist groups for help
– Protest at Shell, Statoil, Norwegian govt and Fianna Fail
– Remind the Green Party of their committments to a public inquiry
– Act Sinn Fein, Labour and the independents what are they doing?
– Research Corrib gas, the background, and the plans for Ireland’s resources

Please stay with us, keep the faith and join us to send:
Shell to Sea!

The struggle continues.

SOLIDARITY CAMP: and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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