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The Lawrence Journal-World: Expanding profits

August 3, 2007

To the editor:

Some of our modern oil barons testified recently in Congress about “hot fuel.”

In warm weather, gas expands, and without adjusted pumps (something the oil companies don’t want us to have) the consumers (you and I) receive up to 30 percent less gas than what we pay for.

Shell Oil vice president Hugh Cooley was quoted as saying that his company “does not believe the American consumers are harmed in any way.” I disagree. It’s not enough that big oil has made record-breaking profits over the last few years with constantly rising prices (price gouging?), now we find we are getting bilked out of even a full gallon. You might be interested to know that big oil has made sure that “cold weather” pumps are installed in Canada so that THEY don’t lose money when the gas contracts.

Daniel Patrick Schamle,

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