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Live Chat Guest 6011 puts a finger on the underlying problem with Shell senior management

By John Donovan
Saturday 22 September 2007

Guest 6011 joins the debate about Malcolm Brinded and David Greer with postings on Saturday 22 September 2007

Guest 6011: I am not 8656 but I do know both Brinded & Greer from my own time with Shell: Greer was a typical bully, who could be very good to those who supported him, but could never tolerate any form of debate or dissent. Brinded is a talented man but his behaviour at Expro condoned corruption (anyone who knows about the Graham Birnie issue will know his role in it.) and had taken this “ends justifies the means” approach forward to a larger role with greater opportunity for corrupt practice.

For those who don’t know the Birnie story, he was a corrupt manager at Expro who chanelled contracts to his cronies – Brinded lookd the other way because Birnie did get results, and Mark Carne who was another Brinded crony & clone refused to act because he feared the fallout would damage productivity & morale. Spineless management who totally ignored the vaunted Business Principles.

Posting ends

I do not know anything about Graham Birnie or Mark Carne. Those who work at Expro will be able to form their own judgement based on what they already know, if anything, about these matters.

Where I do agree wholeheartedly with this posting is in relation to the comment about how the deeds of Shell management do not match with the solemn pledges in the SGBP.

This is a fundamental issue on which I believe a number of eminent former Shell employees agree, including the Shell geologist Dr John Huong, the Shell brand executive Paddy Briggs and the Group Auditor of Shell International, Bill Campbell; all men of the highest integrity. My impression (we have no authority to speak for them) is that like my father and I, they are sad and disappointed at the realisation that a company they once held in great esteem is now run by executives who have lost their moral compass: Brinded from our perspective being the prime example. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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