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More on the ‘good’ guys!: Tour de Sakhalin … finished in one piece

Dear all

At 14:45 on Monday 24th September, the 2007 Tour de Sakhalin finished at the gates of the Zima camp. The entire SEIC International School and many other Zima residents turned  out to cheer the 11 strong Tour de Sakhalin team home (7 riders, 3 drivers and 1 cook). After 11 days cycling the team we were all tired, but very pleased to be home. Overall we have each cycled 1,237km (76 hours on the bike = 16.3km/hr overall average), climbed 12,470m, burned 45,000 kilocalories, and eaten a lifetime supply of chocolate and energy bars. Despite a few sore knees, and some minor cuts and bruises (and chafing), we all arrived home in good health.

The weather during the ride was just about perfect with sun almost every day with the exception of a few short bouts of bad weather. During the ride we managed to visit 3 of the schools which they will support with charitable donations. Now that the ride is over, we are focussing on collecting all the donations and buying the goods to give to the schools.

Thanks and regards

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‘Le Tour de Sakhalin’ 2007: Some of the good guys doing good work at SEIC and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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