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AME Shell tackles energy challenges with cutting-edge technology

22 October 2007

Shell has been playing a prominent role at the World Energy Chemicals Exhibition and Conference now being held in Kuwait, one of the largest energy forums in the Middle East.

On the first day of the conference, which runs from 22-25th October, Shell was represented by two keynote speakers, Dr. John Barry, Vice President Unconventional and EOR and Dr. Zara Khatib, Manager for Technology Deployment in the Middle East region.

Both Dr. Barry and Dr. Khatib used the conference as a platform to discuss various approaches that Shell has undertaken to tackle world energy challenges. Dr. Barry illustrated the potential alternatives to energy resources and some of the solutions to extract these unconventional energy sources. Dr. Khatib gave a technical commentary on Shell’s experience to turn such challenges into opportunities is supported by Shell’s own global experience and success in the energy field.

‘This global dilemma is forcing oil companies to focus their exploration programs on increasingly challenging, and previously unexplored environments searching for Unconventional hydrocarbons’ asserted Dr. Barry. Unconventional hydrocarbons provide great hope for the future as a number of companies are deploying and further developing leading edge technologies, which can make these vast unconventional resources economically competitive.

Shell’s past efforts show that technologies like horizontal well stream soak, bitumen upgrading though hydrogen additions, gasification, and even advanced electrical heaters deployed underground, all have a significant impact on all various energy challenges’ he added. These efforts have contributed to turning Shell into one of the international leaders in areas such as tight and sour gas development and heavy crude production and upgrading.

Shell has also historically experienced successes in the region concerning oil recovery. Dr. Khatib gave an example of how Shell’s new techniques for extracting oil from fractured reservoirs was important in places such as Qarn Alam Field in Oman despite the major challenges. The adoption of the Shell’s innovative new design for steam injection, SAGOGD (steam-assisted gas-oil gravity drainage) takes advantage of what had been one of the chief problems of the reservoir’s development, the fracturing within the carbonate, and makes it part of the solution. The SAGOGD method has another advantage too: it requires fewer wells than conventional steam floods, Dr. Khatib explained that this is intended to maximize recovery while at the same time limiting negative environmental impacts.

Both speeches confirmed Shell’s commitment to exploring diverse sources of energy by utilizing leading-edge technology for optimal sustainable growth. The keynote speakers also touched on Shell’s experience of managing CO2, Sulfur and produced water, which leads to the creation of beneficial economic activity.

Shell also used its participation at the exhibition to highlight its Middle East Safety Campaign led by Basil Shaaban, the young Arab Formula 3 Race Driver.

‘We are delighted with the impact Shell is having at the conference this year which is highlighted by Shell’s regional and global success in the areas of Technology and Social responsibility,’ commented Ahmed Mouti, Kuwait Shell Chairman.

‘Shell’s overall participation in the conference and exhibition illustrates our 100 year history in the middle east and our track record in project execution and integration’ said Mr. Mouti. ‘Our expertise and experience, have made us a trusted partner to national oil companies in around the Middle East. We now look towards further solidifying our long-standing partnerships with Kuwait and to contributing to its energy development. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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