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Ogoni activists demand creation of Ogoni state in Nigeria

By John Donovan

The National Union of Ogoni Students (NUOS International) USA, is petitioning for the creation of an Ogoni state in Nigeria. It is an independent non-profit organisation that functions as the students unit of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).

Royal Dutch Shell in particular has exploited and polluted Ogoniland for decades, extracting billions of dollars in hydrocarbon revenues, while leaving the local population to survive in abject poverty.

In a leaked internal report, Shell admitted that its activities have fuelled corruption and violence in Nigeria. Other oil companies have also acted in a ruthless manner.

Link for leaked Shell Internal Report:


This is the petition. 


The petition

Dear Friends of Ogoni, Colleagues, and supporters of Freedom & Justice, We, the members of the National Union of Ogoni Students (NUOS International) USA write to solicit your support for the creation of Ogoni State (within) Nigeria.

Ogoni is a distinct ethnic minority tribe in South-East Delta of Nigeria with its language, culture, customs, traditional and religious values. The Ogoni population is estimated at 2.3 million. Since Nigeria gained its Independence from Britain in 1960, the majority tribes of Nigeria have through political control suppressed and marginalized Ogoni. Although endowed with natural resources like crude oil, Ogoni remains without the basic human infrastructures like pipe borne water, electricity, health facilities, access roads, libraries & recreational facilities.

Owing to Ogoni minority status, its resources are always controlled by those from the majority tribes while its environment and peoples rights are violated by the multi-national oil firms (Shell, Chevron, Total, etc) that explore oil in the area. In seeking Justice & defending these Rights for the Ogoni people, Ken Saro-Wiwa and Eight other Ogoni leaders were judicially executed in 1995 by Nigeria’s military government in alliance with  Shell oil.

*Twelve years after the executions, our environment and people’s rights are still abused

*Ogoni with its enormous resources and oil reserves remains with other ethnic tribes (in Rivers State)

*Ogoni is unable to have significant representation at Nigeria’s House of Representatives & the Senate

*Other states created and funded from Ogoni resources have more representation while Ogoni shares hers with other tribes forced to remain together.

*Ogoni remains under-developed within Rivers State as political leaders are imposed on the State and people rather than elected into offices.

In view of the above, we DEMAND an OGONI STATE from the Federal Government of Nigeria for the Ogoni people in fairness for our contributions and economic viability to Nigerian and in the belief that it is a genuine method of resolving the prolonged yearnings of our people, and the crisis in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Ogoni students and people are not opposed to other viable groups seeking same for their people.

-Join us by appending your signature for our demand for the creation of a State for the Ogoni people.

-Pass on this message to your friends, groups, law makers, etc. to give their support for Ogoni State, Freedom, & Development.

-Keep us posted on the results of your calls and advocacy by writing to [email protected]

-Donate towards this campaign.

Thank you.


KorneBari Nwike (President, NUOS Intl. USA)
Austin Lemea (Secretary, NUOS Intl. USA)
Fred Idamkue
Charles Wiwa
Lambert Deebom
Joseph Waadah (Canada)
Godson Naasua (Eleme, Nigeria)
Pius Nwinee

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