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Reuters report pipeline dynamited in Nigeria but were the culprits working for Shell?

Nigerian pipeline fire 

Pipeline fire in Nigeria

By Alfred and John Donovan

Reuters report that Shell is investigating the impact on exports and output of an incident this morning at the Forcados oil pipeline in Nigeria when attackers used dynamite to blow up a crude oil pipeline operated by Shell. 

The following are extracts from an article we published in July 2007 revealing a commercial relationship between Shell and the leadership of militant gangs. Consequently, when we read about attacks on Shell installations and Shell inter-structure in Nigeria, we naturally wonder who is paying the people responsible.

Shell is the leading oil producer in Nigeria. To the outside world it appears to be an unfortunate victim of regular attacks by militants on its employees, pipelines and installations which drive up the price of oil.  As readers will see, the truth is more sinister and bizarre.

As the operators of what has been described by the Financial Times as “an anti-Shell website”, we were contacted by a conscience driven high level Shell insider who gave us clues about Shell’s actions in Nigeria. They made it clear their life would be at risk in going too far in revealing the truth about issues relating to Shell, including Nigerian politics, bunkering, pollution, kidnapping, MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People) and the militant activist organisation MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Nigerian Delta). We put questions to the whistleblower and subsequently spoke directly to them. In the process, we established that the source is authentic.

The following articles by The Financial Times found during our research into the charges against Shell confirm, to a large degree, what had appeared initially to be incredible and outlandish allegations.

Our investigations included contact with other Shell insiders with knowledge of Shell activities in Nigeria.

Based on the FT articles and information from our sources, we are able to state as a matter of fact, that Shell executives in Nigeria (where corruption is endemic) have been up to their necks in a sinister relationship with militant leaders.  Valuable contracts have been awarded by Shell to militants.  Shell executives, Nigerian authorities and militant leaders have been locked in a conspiratorial embrace.

The July 2007 article

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