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Herald Sun (Australia): Iran (*Shell’s partner) builds longer-range missile – reports

Agence France-Presse
From correspondents in Tehran
November 27, 2007 05:33pm

IRAN has built a new longer-range missile named “Ashura” with a range of 2000km, the defence minister announced today, the Fars news agency reported.

“The construction of the Ashura missile with a range of 2000km is one of the accomplishments of the ministry of defence,” Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar was quoted as saying.

The weapon’s range is sufficient to put US bases in the Middle East and Iran’s arch enemy Israel within reach. The missile is named after the holy Ashura mourning ceremony that marks the death of Shi’ite imam Hossein

Iran in September unveiled a missile labelled Ghadr-1 (Power), which was said to have a range of 1800km .,21985,22831173-5005961,00.html

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