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Shell Executive Talent Book

Exhibit 50 (75 pages) from the Shell reserves fraud class action litigation contains part of the Sworn Deposition of Matthias Bichsel, plus his CV and confidential email correspondence.

Of more interest is the PERSON OVERVIEW assessments for Bichsel and other senior Shell Executives from the “Executive Talent Book.”

Following the publication of these assessments a Shell high level insider known to us posted on our Live Chat facility their own more forthright opinions on the relevant individuals… 

nice ‘person assessments’… Now the truth:

Ward: correct, never moved above operations manager. Could not deal with opposing views.

Din Megat: first 20 yrs very nervous until he was so senior (bumiputra) that he was untouchable. Intellectual lightweight.

Warren: all correct but failed to say he ruined every orgamisation he headed.

Darley: borne again christian and a spineless wimp. Nice and clever guy but always spoke last and agreed with most senior director.

Bop Sprague: did not suffer fools full stop. Only guy with real brains, nobody could outthink him. Disaster he did not go to CMD.

Bichsel: a creep and a liar. One of the big culprits in the reserves scandal. Licked his way upwards.

Brass: spineless apparatchick, low profile.

Gardy: still learning to speak english and totally out of depth. Should have been a french politician. An idiot really.

Dubnicki: helped Hofmeister destroy the worldclass HR systems of Shell. She handled the EP side. completely self centered, me first, americans second rest last. Business? What is business used for other than manage own bonus and benefits. If she was so good, why did she not stay? and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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