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By Wilbert de Vries, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008 12:56, page views: 20,373

Shell is working on plans to almost its entire IT department to spend automatiseerders.  This would be more than three thousand IT jobs in the oil at stake.

Earlier Shell had already indicated that it would save. The scale on which it now seems to be done, has surprised even its own employees.  Some of the plans have therefore be leaking, as reported at the end of last week.  Although there is also the finance department would be rehabilitated, it is the department hardest hit, according to the newspaper. This section would 3200 jobs at stake that may be subcontracted to automatiseerders.

According to reports, the decision by Shell to virtually the entire department it out the door, at a meeting just before Christmas have been taken. EDS, AT & T and T-Systems will be initiated in accordance with the work. From January 8 will prevent the affected staff held talks to the plans further comment.

In a leaked e-mail, describes Vice-President Goh Swee Chen’s plans as “substantial”. The mail, the content of which came in possession of the well-known anti-Shell website was adopted by the oil company recognised as authentic. An anonymous employee had to the website know that Shell 400 it’ers itself in the service wants to keep and the work of others would like to outsource 3200.  About the content of the plans, however, Shell has no clarity.

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