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The Guardian: Letters: Oil and blood in Iraq

Thursday February 7, 2008

Your report that “BP has been holding meetings with Iraqi oil officials as it speeds up plans to re-enter” the country (Report, February 5) is disturbing. Both Shell and BP – with British government assistance – have been pushing the Iraqi government to pass legislation that would allow foreign oil companies to control most of Iraq’s oil reserves, depriving Iraqis of scores of billions of dollars. Such an effective privatisation of Iraq’s key natural resource is opposed by Iraq’s trade unions, many senior Iraqi oil experts and most Iraqis. On February 23, people will be at petrol stations around the country to highlight the role of Shell and BP in this looming theft of Iraq’s future. We urge readers to join us.
Jonathan Stevenson
Hands Off Iraqi Oil

Over a week ago the respected polling company Opinion Research Business released the results of a follow-up survey to their August 2007 poll on violent deaths in Iraq. They conclude that over a million Iraqis have been killed since the 2003 invasion. You might have thought this would be front-page news, especially given Britain’s role in these crimes. But to date I’ve yet to see a single reference to ORB’s latest poll in the mainstream press.

Andrea Needham
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