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Live Chat, Guest 2800, Shell North Sea platforms, Bill Campbell and other matters…

By John Donovan

Has anyone else reached the conclusion that Shell now has an active permanent presence on this website via Live Chat?

This would be no surprise given the revelations in a Shell internal document we obtained from Shell after making an application under the Data Protection Act.

Shell set up a team in March 2007 to combat our activities with the specific objective to separate us from Bill Campbell, the retired Group Auditor of Shell International.

Shell’s counter measures were less than successful bearing in mind that the website traffic has trebled since then and our joint campaigning with Bill Campbell has resulted in a number of newspaper articles and other important developments still taking place behind the scenes in relation to the Brent Bravo North Sea Platform Scandal and related matters involving the HSE.

The Bill Campbell/Brent Bravo situation is building towards a likely climax next month. In this connection, if anyone has any evidence that the notorious “Touch Fuck All” culture, or the falsification of Shell platform safety records has continued, please contact me on a confidential basis via [email protected]

Returning to the possible presence of Shell representatives on the website, guest 2800, one of our regulars, has categorically stated that they do not work for Shell but has not indicated if they work on behalf of Shell e.g. an agency.  However, whatever the reason for their interest, the relevant person is articulate on subjects discussed and their contribution adds to the debate.

We publish all news and other articles about Shell whether positive or negative.  As we have stated before, Shell is invited to supply articles for publication on an unedited basis.

The bottomline is that although we are intrigued on occasion about the motives of guest contributors, everyone is welcome here to say exactly what they want about Shell, the owners of this website, or any related matter. 

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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