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Argus Biodiesel Trading in Asia

Argus Biodiesel Trading in Asia

Meeting the sustainability challenge


3 April 2008

H.E. Holger Standertskjold, the Ambassador and head of the delegation at the European Commission in Singapore, will give an overview of the EU renewable energy directive proposed in January 2008 to the biodiesel market in Asia.

Other topics to be discussed:

Indonesia biodiesel market development
Immanuel Sutarto, president director, PT Eterindo Wahanatama (Indonesia)

EU sustainability compliance — an Indonesian exporter’s perspective
Rosediana Suharto, executive chairman, Indonesian Palm Oil Commission (Indonesia)

A biofuel trader’s perspective on biodiesel
Henri Bardon, managing director, Vertical Asia (Singapore)

Existing biodiesel quotations: Creating pricing benchmarks
Mat Stone, biodiesel editor-deputy editor, Argus Biofuels-Argus European Products (UK)

Exporting biodiesel to Europe: Trading specifications, pricing, contracts and sustainability
Kevin McGeeney, chief executive officer, Starsupply (Switzerland)

The role of palm oil biodiesel in Europe and issues of seasonality
Laren Tan, head of derivatives, Ginga Petroleum (Singapore)

US tax-blending credit: What is going to happen?
Randy Shefman, attorney, Hogan and Hartson (USA)

Alternative feedstock: Jatropha curcas and its potential as a sustainable biodiesel feedstock
Nathan Mahalingam, group managing director/Mursalin New, chief sustainability officer, Mission Biofuels (Australia)

Navigating the storm – delivering business sustainability
Tony Dowd, principal, New Horizon Capital (UK)


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