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The Shell Corrib Gas Project Controversy

By John Donovan

We draw attention to the following selection of comments received in relation to the recent article:

Email from Ireland concerning Shell Corrib Gas Project


From Goblok

Most of this letter is bollocks: there are plenty of gas plants sprinkled across Europe with minimal Environmental foot print. If you want County Mayo to remain backward then go for it but rest assured this person is in the minority of the minority and a NIMBY and BANANA rolled into one at best!

From Guest 3001 on Live Chat:

Ireland it is a case of ensuring warm homes in Ireland or burning that fuel from hell called peat or importing LNG at exhorbitant prices ,,, 2340 talking nonsense – there are gas plants all across Europe just like Corrib. Some operated by Shell and some by others. Some better some worse some new some old. If you want to go back to Coal and Pea Soup fogs across Europe then be my guest! Or better still if you are that green turn off your heating and do the world a service and freeze to death … 99.99% of County Mayo residents support the Corrib project. For Ireland it is simply security of supply.


From JM

As a resident of Rossport (which has been at the centre of the Corrib gas dispute in recent times) I applaud the letter from an obviously anxious mother. The fear instilled in ordinary people by the combined forces of the oil majors and State authorities is clearly evident, and is a fact of life we have all been forced to live with every day for the last eight years.

The message from Goblok is typical of the attitude of the minority backing this project… insulting and misleading. Opposition to the proposed Corrib scheme is aimed at re-locating the refinery away from sensitive environments and populated areas, not scuppering progress for a bit of a laugh or out of ignorance.

I am certain the invitation to Erris would be echoed by many, and you would find the people warm and welcoming, genuine and open, proud of their place in the world and very well informed, but above all determined.


The comment stating that 99.99% of County Mayo residents support the Corrib project is absolute nonsense. Anyone interested in relevant poll results can Google “Corrib pipeline Opinion Polls”.

The findings of various polls are inconsistent and controversial, as everything seems to be relating to the Corrib project. None resemble the ridiculous claim of 99.99% support. Some show majority support for the project. Some show majority support against the opposite. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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  1. #1 Goblok
    on Apr 16th, 2008 at 06:33

    Keep Mayo in the dark ages I say then … the Peat burning power station just down the road from the township will keep spewing fly ask mercury and radioactive compounds into the air and into the food chain … smart decision I say … pretty stupid if the minority continue to allow the majority to suffer from this pollution … choice clean gas or dirty peat or going back to the dark ages …. get a life pls vocal minority and get into the 21st Century

    If you are so passionate about risk to the community please picket the local power station and stop peat burning in your area … go Rossport 5 … you can do it!

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