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Goblok speaks out on Paddy Briggs and ‘The Pearls of Shell’

April 17th, 2008 06:23

Goblok speaks out on Paddy Briggs and ‘The Pearls of Shell’…

Paddy my dear friend – did you not read that Shell hired 5000 new technical professionals last year in the core disciplines related to More Upstream and Profitable Downstream? The previous year another 4000 and the year before that several thousand.

Hardly sounds like outsourcing to me.

But it is true that contractors are being used to fill critical vacancies – this is an industry trend related to the “crew change” which is hitting all the Majors and their Contractors. Fishing in an ever diminishing pool so to speak

The hard fact Paddy is that out sourcing non core skills like Bread Butter IT and Transactional Finance functions is reality for every major company. It is not core business!!!!!

I might add that profitable Downstream means that Shell exits Markets where they are not 1st or 2nd

A business not a charity and hopefully a responsible one most of the time. Is everyone in Shell decent and ethical – for the most part yes I am sure like most other MultiNationals – it mirrors the society in which employees work and live. Are there still a few “bastards” in the organisation who are egotistical and selfish … probably yes … but then thats life and you will find the same in every company and every part of Civil Society

So lets get real please … remember Paddy better not bitter mate!

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