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Chip and pin card fraud at Shell UK petrol stations

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We have published a number of articles concerning chip and pin card cloning fraud at Shell UK petrol stations. It appears from an email received today that this dreadful activity continues.

Dear Mr. Donovan

I came across your website today whilst trying to find a contact address to write to the Head of Shell UK regarding very irregular dealings at our local shell garage.
As your website was the first one I came across I wonder if you are able to assist and point me in the right direction.
The police are aware but I thought it is also important that somebody at Shell should be aware of the bad name the workers at the Shell garage have given to their brand name over the last couple of years.  It came to a head yesterday when I found out that both my father and sister have had their cards cloned after using them at this garage.
Thanks in anticipation of any answer you may give.

After we supplied contact information, the following email was sent to James Smith, the Country Chairman of Shell UK Limited. 

Dear Mr. Smith,

I live in Woolston, Southampton and we have a Shell garage in Portsmouth Road.

Over the last few years the garage has gone rapidly down hill as far as appearance and service are concerned and I stopped using it almost two years ago when I was nearly duped into losing £30.  I have spoken to numerous other local residents who have all had similar experiences and finally yesterday I found out that both my father and sister have had their credit cards cloned and abused after the last place they used them was this garage.

It is absolutely imperative that the people who care about the SHELL brand name do something to remove these unscrupulous people from running this garage.  The police are being informed and I am going to write to the press. 

I regret not doing something before but am now on a very determined mission to make sure our local garage can return to being an asset to our local community instead of a blight.

On the homepage of the Shell website it says:

“You can TRUST Shell to meet your every need when you’re on the road”

This statement couldnt be further from the truth concerning this particular garage.

I will be pleased to receive a reply with hopefully some explanation as to why the situation has gone on for so long.


(Contact details supplied) and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

2 Comments on “Chip and pin card fraud at Shell UK petrol stations”

  1. #1 stew smith
    on Apr 19th, 2008 at 11:10

    i live a stones throw from the garage in question and have seen the garage turn into an unmaintained shamble. i know of 2 people that have had their cards cloned and they also have had money taken out around the world. malaysia and also in australia.
    the garage always seems to be dirty, windows broken and not repaired. the prices that they charge in there has made me not use it for quite some time know. when i have had to go inside to make a purchase, i have always had to wait whilst the person behind the counter finishes their conversation. politeness dissappeared a long time ago and change is usually pushed into my hand. i travel a lot due to my work and the company that i work for has an account with shell so i am in a shell garage every day. it is not just the garage in portsmouth road that has gone down hill, it is also being seen across the country. i do not know what the outcome of the police investigation will be, but i do hope that the person or people involved will be either sent to prison for a long time or they are sent back to their country of origin.

  2. #2 Sarah Vaughan
    on Apr 18th, 2008 at 13:29

    Dear Mr Donovan

    I made a card purchase on 18th March 2008 at Portsmouth Road, Shell garage, woolston, southampton, and this is the only transaction I have made from this account.

    Lloyds TSB called me Wdnesday morning very early to advise that I have had 2 attempts made on my account from Austrailia. one for over £400 and another for a bit less.

    I am not happy that this garage represents Shell and the corporate image in this way and on-one is doing anything to assist me or any others in our posistion that are having our cards cloaned in this way.

    I have had my account frozen, my card cancelled and am very distressed by the whole thing and have to wait for my bank to reissue cards etc.

    I have been advised to contact trading standards and the police re this.

    I am writing this email in good faith that you will look into this for all of us that have had this happen to us by this garage.

    Many Thanks

    Sarah Vaughan

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