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Former Shell International HSE Group Auditor Bill Campbell comments on our article: ‘Contenders for the tarnished Shell crown’

Former Shell International HSE Group Auditor, Bill Campbell

Former Shell International HSE Group Auditor Bill Campbell comments on the article: “Contenders for the tarnished Shell crown

Bill Campbell

Apr 28th, 2008

My only comment on the statement that quote “Brinded has a track record of turning a blind eye to corrupt management and has the blood on his hands of Shell offshore workers that lost their lives in a preventable accident on the Brent Bravo production platform” was that he was in fact the corrupt Manager (Director) and the 1999 major audit atypically pointed the finger at him as the main catalyst for the demise witnessed in that organisation.

He has subsequently, along with his buddy Van der Veer put great energy into covering his wrongdoings up with the assistance of the HSE in relation to the deaths and the subversion of an internal report by the Chief Auditor at that time Jakob Stausholm. For background to the HSE involvement refer to testimony published on your website yesterday from official extracts from the parliamentary Steering Committee.

This evidence put to the Committee for circulation has not been denied by the CEO of the HSE Geoffrey Podger or the HSC Chairman Judith Hackitt who both could raise no objections in Law to its publication.

Brinded, who I personally had good relations with in the short period I worked with him in his CRINE initiative etc, and who I think is an acutely intelligent man, and no doubt from a business perspective is by far the best man for the job, will never succeed Van der Veer in my opinion. His flaw is that he does not have a sense of balance and to succeed will do anything he can including treating the people offshore in 1999 and after 2003, who were at risk, as some lower form of pond life.

He has caused great pain and embarrassment to the non executive Chairman and the Board who I think have already informed him that he is not a contender. Of course Shell if they get hot and bothered about this statement will deny this, but of course as can be seen from the unusual case of Hill vs Hill also published on your system, well they would, wouldn’t they. Anyway time as they say will tell.

In the last analysis Ollila is not going to replace Van der Veer, the Junior Soprano of the Oil business with his buddy Malcolm, the erstwhile Tony Soprano. Jeroen and Malcolm are to the oil business as the Soprano’s are to the waste management business in New Jersey. You may have to translate this humourous but serious comment to the Company Secretary.

Bill Campbell

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