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Reply by John Donovan to “appalled Shell insider”

Reply by John Donovan to “appalled Shell insider” 

I will say one thing for Shell senior management based on your comments and my long experience of dealing with the top people at Shell.  They are at least consistent; i.e. incompetent, disreputable and supportive of bullyboy tactics and corrupt practices.

Does anyone believe that Shell would allow this website to continue and for us to make such withering damaging statements about Shell management unless they were true? Shell takes no action because we have the evidence to prove what we say. 

The unfortunate story you tell is similar in many respects to what happened to former Shell production geologist Dr John Huong after he worked 29 years for Shell. His conscience driven internal whistle blowing was rewarded with him being intimidated, demoted, humiliated and finally dismissed. His claim for wrongful dismissal against the scoundrels at Shell is still in progress. What’s the betting that when he can reveal what has been going on, it will be another tale of dirty tricks and more intimidation by Shell, as per their usual litigation track record.  He has been silenced since June 2004 after being buried in injunctions by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies.

You ask what can you do? There is an official Shell whistleblower website but after sucking as much information as possible from whistle-blowers, decisions on the matters raised and on the fate of the whistle-blowers still ultimately rest with Shell management. In other words as per normal, it is all a smoke and mirrors exercise. 

What chance do you stand when there are people at the top such as, for example, Jeroen van der Veer, who signed Form 20-F Returns to the SEC which contained false information; Malcolm Brinded, who has a track record of putting profits before the lives of Shell employees, David Pirret who is tainted by fraudulent business practices by Shell Oil Products while he was in charge; Peter Voser who is up to his neck in the UBS Bank scandal and last, but not least, Jon Chadwick who left a lingering smell in Malaysia with hundreds of former Shell employees still embroiled in litigation over the unlawful deductions by Shell from their retirement funds. Many of the litigants have passed away while Shell has drawn out the proceedings.

So I guess it means that you have to accept that you are working for some very unsavory people and keep your head down, or find alternative employment with an honest employer.  

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