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Outspoken articles about Royal Dutch Shell from December 2004 onwards

Outspoken articles about Royal Dutch Shell and related matters from December 2004 onwards

Time for cost-cutting at Shell – again!: 17 January 2009


Will 100 yrs of ruthless rivalry end with ExxonMobil buying Shell?: 9 January 2009

Getting blood from the Shell Investors’ stone!: 5 January 2009

Royal Dutch Shell, Tom Cruise, YouTube and Hitler: 3 January 2009

Royal Dutch Shell Nuclear Subterfuge: 2 January 2009

Live Chat debate initiated by Iain Percival, retired Royal Dutch Shell Global Chief Petroleum Engineer: 2 January 2009

Royal Dutch Shell Pension Fund Meltdown: 21 December 2008

Royal Dutch Shell Pension Fund Machinations: 21 December 2008

Email to Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc: Alarmed Shell Pensioner: 12 December 2008

Alarmed Shell Pensioner: 12 December 2008

Shell Dutch Pension Fund Underfunded: Triggers Notification to Dutch Regulator of Pension Funds: 12 December 2008

Email to Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell PLc: The Plight of Shell Pensioners: 11 December 2008

Shell Live Chat Posting by a disillusioned Shell Pensioner: 11 December 2008

November 2008 Email Correspondence with Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc: 6 December 2008

Shell pensioner Poverty: 5 December 2008

Shell, Saudi Arabia, Arms-for-Oil, Corruption, & Radioactive Contamination: 5 December 2008

Shell scores low in “The Good Companies Guide”: 25 November 2008

Nationalisation of ExxonMobil and the rest as the spoof “New York Times” said? It could happen!: 17 November 2008

Further email correspondence with Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc: 13 November 2008

Overnight email correspondence with Richard Wiseman , Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc: 13 November 2008

Taking on the Oil Barons – an early task for President Obama!: 5 November 2008

Shell’s hilarious attempt to beef up email security: 7 October 2008

Email from “A Very Concerned Deferred Shell Pensioner”: 3 October 2008

The abortive Shell Texaco merger: 13 September 2008

Reply to Live Chat question from”Musaint”: 31 August 2008

It may strike you as odd that I, leader of a multinational oil company, would speak so glowingly of a “competitor”: 31 August 2008

The energy blog sponsored by greenwashing champions, Royal Dutch Shell: 27 August 2008

Paddy Briggs leadership of ‘the world’s largest re-imaging programme’: 17 August 2008

Shell Texaco merger torpedoed by the Donovan’s?: 14 August 2008

Open Letter to Terence Conway, Shell to Sea Campaign: 14 August 2008

Public Statement by Bill Campbell, former Shell International HSE Group Auditor: 13 August 2008

The Shell “Touch Fuck All” Brent Bravo Scandal: 12 August 2008

Angry Shell Ethiopia employees accuse Shell of discrimination and infringement of Human rights: 2 August 2008

Shell Employees in Africa Protest Against Being ‘Sold’ by Shell: 29 July 2008

Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs comments on Shell’s sale of its stake in the London Array Wind Farm: 24 July 2008

Shell return to Ogoniland in the guise od another name?: 12 July 2008

Linda Cook said to be front-runner for Royal Dutch Shell CEO job (does this mean Malcolm Brinded CBE will end up as doorman at Shell Centre): 10 July 2008

The appalling track record of Royal Dutch Shell: 3 July 2008

Guns and Oil: How the Multinational Oil Companies Are Queuing For Their Rewards: 28 June 2008

More documents highly embarrassing to Shell published for the first time: 26 June 2008

The jokers at Royal Dutch Shell legal department: 25 June 2008

Our interventions in the Sakhalin-2 Project: 24 June 2008

Comment by former Shell executive Paddy Briggs: For once I (sort of) agree with Jeroen: 22 June 2008

Rampant Corruption in Malaysia: 21 June 2008

Reply by John Donovan to “appalled Shell insider”: 19 June 2008

Comment received from “appalled Shell insider”: 19 June 2008

Alfred Donovan Letter to Shell Solicitors Freeman Kendall regarding Shell undercover activity: 19 June 2008

Email correspondence on 16, 17 & 18 June 2008 with Shell International Limited General Counsel Richard Wiseman: 17 June 2008

Shell walks away from its drivers – and from its customers as well: 14 June 2008

Comment by former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs on UK tanker driver pending strike: Is Shell really “Locked in talks?” I doubt it.: 12 June 2008

Email from John Donovan to The One World Trust: RE ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC: 12 June 2008

Correspondence 11 June 2008 with Royal Dutch Shell Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes: Acquisition of Arms and Ammunition in Nigeria: 11 June 2008

Why Shell CEO lied to investors about Russia seizing the Sakhalin-2 mega project: 7 June 2008

Is it right or fair to decribe the Shell reserves scandal as a “Fraud”: 7 June 2008

In the wake of Shell “lies corruption, despoliation and death”: Andrew Rowell in his remarkable article: Unloveable Shell, the Goddess of Oil: 3 June 2008

Jeroen van der Veer and the Shell reserves fraud: 22 May 2008

Retention Bonuses: Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs calls for Resignation of Shell director Sir Peter Job: 21 May 2008

Warning about scam Shell lotteries18 May 2008

Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs comments on the article: Anger at Shell’s golden handcuffs: 11 May 2008


What the news media says about the website which has cost Shell billions…: 3 May 2008

Article by former Royal Dutch Shell exec Paddy Briggs: Shell pulls out of Wind Farm project: 2 May 2008

‘Dishonest, irresponsible’: Shell lambasted for pulling out of world’s biggest wind farm: 2 May 2008

In 2004, Shell’s U.S. gas and power trading arm Coral Energy paid $30 million to settle charges it reported fake natural gas trades: 29 April 2008

Former Shell International HSE Group Auditor Bill Campbell comments on the article: “Contenders for the tarnished Shell crown”: 28 April 2008

Contenders for the tarnished Royal Dutch Shell crown: 28 April 2008

Record complaints over ‘greenwashing’: ‘Shell identified as one of the worst offenders’: 26 April 2008

Email correspondence with former Shell International HSE Group Auditor Bill Campbell involving Royal Dutch Shell Plc Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes: 25 April 2008

Shell fat cat management unwilling to allow needy Shell pensioners to benefit from multi-billion windfall profits: 18 April 2008

Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs comments on The Shell Foundation: 18 April 2008

Goblok, Paddy Briggs and Shell ethics: Posted on April 17, 2008

Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs comments on the article: The Pearls of Shell: 17 April 2008

Email from Ireland concerning Shell Corrib Gas Project: Posted on April 14, 2008

Shell’s shocking track record of unethical trading in USA: Posted on April 12, 2008

Plan to break up disastrously mismanaged UBS bank accused of fraud: Shell CFO Peter Voser is a director: 8 April 2008

Is there a Shell Corrib connection to the sudden resignation of Irish Premier, Bertie Ahern?: 2 April 2008

Live Chat discussion about Shell ‘dirty tricks unit’ carrying out covert activities on the Internet: 1 April 2008



THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Addresses Output Issue: ‘, a Web site regularly used by Shell whistleblowers’: 18 March 2008

Shell Oil under investigation by U.S. Department of Justice for potential violations of U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: 17 March 2008




Former Shell Group Auditor allegations against Royal Dutch Shell execs: updated with documents: 11 March 2008

Former Shell Group Auditor Bill Campbell throws down gauntlet to Shell Chairman, Jorma Ollila: 9 March 2008

Shell North Sea platform safety allegations against Shell executives and the HSE by former Shell Group Auditor Bill Campbell: 9 March 2008

Shell, Nigeria and the Record Price of Oil: 7 March 2008

News of another major Shell scandal: 6 March 2008


Throwing mud at Shell (updated): 1 March 2008

Comment on the Bacton Explosion received from a Shell insider…: 29 February 2008

Further ‘Live Chat’ discussion on Shell in Nigeria: updated: 28 February 2008

Shell’s atrocious track record in Nigeria: 26 February 2008

Machinations in New Jersey Court linking Royal Dutch Shell with ambulance chaser lawyers: 23 February 2008


Live Chat, Guest 2800, Shell North Sea platforms, Bill Campbell and other matters…: 21 Feb 2008

Keeping Royal Dutch Shell shareholders in the dark: 19 February 2008

A message to Shell whistleblower 5388: 18 February 2008

Free Research on Royal Dutch Shell Plc (over 19,000 articles): 16 February 2008

The Shell whistleblower buried alive in litigation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies: 16 February 2008

Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs comments on the article: Shell launches promotional film in its global brand campaign: 15 February 2008

Bill Campbell, retired Shell International Group Auditor comments on article: Shell General Business Principles: a confidence tricksters charter: 15 February 2008

Shell General Business Principles: a confidence tricksters charter: 14 February 2008

Malaysia: Shell’s legal jurisdiction of choice where justice can be bought by the highest bidder: 14 February 2008

Jeroen van der Veer cuts a deal with U.S. Attorneys: 12 February 2008

Jeroen van der Veer and the Shell reserves fraud: 10 February 2008


The unravelling of stability at Shell: 1 February 2008

Channel 4 TV News broadcast Friday 1st February: Shell North Sea Platform Safety!: 1 February 2008

Shell’s disgraceful treatment of its North Sea workers: production and profits before safety and principles: 1 February 2008

The Hans Bouman, Malcolm Brinded connection: 28 January 2008

Email correspondence with Shell on 22 January 2008 concerning another leaked Shell internal communication: 24 January 2008


Email sent to Daily Telegraph journalist Simon Goodley from a Sakhalin-2 insider (about David Greer, Ian Craig and ‘birthday presents’): 25 December 2007

Comment by former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs on the recent Guardian article: Big Oil lets sun set on renewables: 20 December 2007

Ethiopian employees accuse Shell of raiding retirement fund: 18 December 2007

Shell Executive Talent Book: 15 December 2007

Is Royal Dutch Shell a racist company?: 10 December 2007

Chinese Spies look no further: Shell trade secrets takeaway service here: new menu every day: 4 December 2007

A widely predicated calamity on the High Seas: 29 November 2007

Shell confidential reserves fraud discovery documents published on 28 November 2007

Caustic comments by Walter van de Vijver on Petroleum Development Oman: 27 November 2007

Further confidential Shell internal email correspondence: 27 November 2007

Dear Mr John Donovan: Warm greetings from Shell employees in Ethiopia: 26 November 2007

From a Shell North Sea Platform Insider: words of encouragement and support for Bill Campbell’s HSE Campaign: 26 November 2007

Email proves Walter van de Vijver warned Philip Watts about ‘aggressive’ reserves bookings in August 2002: 25 November 2007

Another blunder by former Shell MD David Greer sinks Shell deal: 23 November 2007

Videotaped deposition of REMCO AALBERS, Shell Group Reserves Coordinator: Posted by John Donovan at November 22nd, 2007

Jeroen van der Veer says Shell demanded Gazprom ‘fly the Shell flag’ on top Gazprom building: 5 yrs later Shell flew the white flag: 22 November 2007

ROYAL DUTCH/SHELL TRANSPORT SECURITIES LITIGATION: Non-U.S. Purchasers’ claims are dismissed for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction: Posted by John Donovan at November 21st, 2007

Deposition of Dr Roelof Platenkamp, Shell Corporate Vice President of Petroleum Engineering and Development: 20 November 2007

Settlement of Shell reserves fraud litigation to cost over $600 million: 20 November 2007

Lloyd’s/ Dow Jones Newswires UPDATE: US Court Ruling Paves For Shell Reserves Settlement To Proceed“The ruling was first obtained by Shell critics’ Website, which has posted 2,000 pages of extracts from the case”: 19 November 2007

Videotaped Deposition of Tim Warren, retired Country Chairman, Shell Australia – in relation to Shell reserves fraud: 16.62mb pdf file containing 518 pages, so will take some time to load, particularly if you don’t have broadband… 18 November 2007

Deposition of former Shell Managing Director, Brian Ward: inner most secrets of Shell revealed here every day: 17 November 2007



Royal Dutch Shell dirty washing hung out to dry here every day…: 16 November 2007

First 390 pages of Walter van de Vijver deposition on Shell reserves fraud: 15 November 2007

Fate of the oil giant Shell rested on retired part-timer Anton Barendregt: now over a 1,000 pages of evidence including confidential docs: 15 November 2007

Reuters report pipeline dynamited in Nigeria but were the culprits working for Shell?: 15 November 2007

Fate of the oil giant Shell rested on retired part-timer: 14 November 2007


Nikkei BP (Japan): Gripe sites are becoming more powerful: 13 November 2007


25 August 2004: FSA fines Shell £17,000,000 for market abuse: 12 November 2007

Dynamite Royal Dutch Shell confidential documents: 12 November 2007

Top secret minutes reveal ‘considerable concern’ by Shell Execs over Gazprom: 11 November 2007

Scandal linked to dysfunctional relationship at the top of Royal Dutch Shell: 11 November 2007

The interrogation of Sir Philip Watts by the FSA under caution following his forced resignation as Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Group

Shell discovery documents added on Friday 9 November 2007: every page marked confidential

Shell discovery documents added on 8 November 2007: every page marked confidential

Shell confidential discovery documents added on 7 November 2007

Confidential Royal Dutch Shell documents added to on 6 November 2007: 6 November 2007

From a high level ‘Shell insider’: Clearly in the mind of that demented and delusional soul Jeroen van der Veer he is innocent…: 6 November 2007

Court document revelations damage Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer: 5 November 2007

Shell Executives hoodwinked New York financial analysts: 1 November 2007

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah speaks out on crisis in Malaysian judiciary: 31 October 2007

Royal Dutch Shell top secret documents being revealed daily on ‘anti-Shell’ website: 30 October 200

Controversies surrounding Royal Dutch Shell: 29 October 2007


Developments in Royal Dutch Shell Securities Fraud litigation: 28 October 2007

Royal Dutch Shell playing with fire in Iran: 27 October 2007

Ogoni activists demand creation of Ogoni state in Nigeria: 23 October 2007

Intercepting job applications and business proposals meant for Shell: 23 October 2007

The Internet humiliation of Royal Dutch Shell Plc: 22 October 2007

Reckless approach of Royal Dutch Shell to HSE: 18 October 2007

Titanic battle in U.S. Courts over Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal: 16 October 2007

Deadly concerns remain over Shell employee safety: 15 October 2007

BBC Essex: Unofficial transcript: BBC Essex presenter Etholle George interviews John Donovan: 14 October 2007


Former Shell Executive Paddy Briggs comments on the FT article: Shell UK halts pension fund contributions: 3 Oct 2007


Free Research on Royal Dutch Shell Plc (over 17,000 articles): 30 Sept 2007

ARTICLE BY FORMER ROYAL DUTCH SHELL EXECUTIVE, PADDY BRIGGS: The myth of Corporations’ commitments to Human Rights: 28 Sept 2007

Malaysia: Judiciary and corruption (For obvious reasons the legal jurisdiction of choice for Shell): 25 Sept 2007



Prospect Magazine: Shell’s Colchester headache: 12 September 2007

Sunday Telegraph: Online revolutionaries: 10 September 2007

Daily Telegraph: Pressure on Shell over safety of platforms: 9 September 2007

Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer ‘hurt’ by criticism: 3 Sept 2007

Former Shell Executive, Paddy Briggs, comments on Terry Macalister article about Jeroen van der Veer: 3 Sept 2007

Reuters: Shell loses exec on troubled Kazakh project-source: 4 September 2007

Daily Mail: Shell on back foot as ‘gripe site’ alleges safety concerns: 1 September 2007

Shell Pennzoil brand attacked in US court action: 30 August 2007

Predatory practices of Royal Dutch Shell: The Wexco Case: 29 August 2007 USA consumer fraud involving Pennzoil and Shell Oil Products: 22 August 2007

Some correspondence with Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman in November 2005: 18 August 2007



Royal Dutch Shell in blog site defamation quagmire: 9 August 2007

Email to Mr Saw Choo Boon, Chairman of Shell Malaysia: 7 August 2007

In High Praise of Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc: 6 August 2006 The moral debasement of Royal Dutch Shell: 5 July 2007

Todays email correspondence with senior Shell lawyers: Wednesday 1 August 2007

DONOVAN CORRESPONDENCE WITH SENIOR OFFICIALS OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC ON 31 July 2007 Battle with Shell for the domain name: 30 July 2007 Accountability in Practice: – The power of a website: 27 July 2007

How long until Shell admits defeat and pulls out of the $26 billion Sakhalin project in Russia?: 26 July 2007

FORMER SHELL INTERNATIONAL GROUP AUDITOR, BILL CAMPBELL, TAKES ACTION AGAINST SHELL: 24 July 2007 Malcolm Brinded in a spin: 23 July 2007 Letter faxed to Senator Dianne Feinstein following email received from her: 19 July 2007 Statement regarding Mr Jim McGuire formally of Sakhalin Energy: 19 July 2007

Blogger News Network: Is Shell skulduggery in Nigeria pumping up global oil prices?: 18 July 2007 The Donovan’s write again to Royal Dutch Shell Plc Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes: 18 July 2007 An Open Letter by email to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein: Shell skulduggery pumping up oil prices?: 16 July 2007 Revealed in a Shell internal email: Shell’s intention to ‘kill’ a Sunday Times story about this website: 16 July 2007 Applications to Shell under Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act 1998: of interest to anyone who has had dealings with Shell : 15 July 2007 Shell and the dreaded Donovan’s: 14 July 2007

Huliq NC, USA: Shell $22 billion Sakhalin-2 Project devastated by insider leaks: 10 July 2007

Huliq, NC: How Royal Dutch Shell Whitewash led to Greenwash: 9 July 2007

A blunt speech about Shell and its track record in Nigeria: by Alfred Donovan: 7 July 2007 An Open Letter to Bill Campbell about Shell management’s unscrupulous attitude to the safety of its employees: 5 July 2007

HULIQ, NC: Clues Confirming Reported BP Shell Mega Merger: 4 July 2007 Former Shell Group Auditor Bill Campbell throws down gauntlet to Shell Chairman, Jorma Ollila: 2 July 2007

Free research facility for Royal Dutch Shell Plc: worlds largest online library of news articles relating to Royal Dutch Shell: 28 June 2007 Example of corrupt practices at Shell ignored by Malcolm Brinded: 29 June 2007 Update on the allegations against Sakhalin Energy CEO, Ian Craig: 27 June 2007

Correspondence with Shell on corruption allegations against Ian Craig, CEO of Sakhalin Energy: 26 June 2007 Worldwide reserves fraud lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell: 22 June 2007 Recent comments posted on the online poll: ‘Is this the worst motivational memo ever?’: 21 June 2007

Huliq Breaking News: Royal Dutch Shell Executive resigns in motivational memo scandal (by John Donovan): 21 June 2007 David Greer, Deputy CEO of Sakhalin Energy resigns in disgrace: 21 June 2007 The murderous policy of Shell in the North Sea: 16 June 2007 STATEMENT BY FORMER ROYAL DUTCH SHELL GROUP AUDITOR, MR BILL CAMPBELL: 14 June 2007 Shell dealers in USA set up website to campaign against predatory practices of Shell: 13 June 2007 Shell Discovers The Perils Of Plagiarism: 12 June 2007

Financial Times: David Greer Memo: 12 June 2007 Index of articles covering David Greer plagiarism scandal: 9 June 2007 Reply to Eric Arkesteijn of Shell-SEIC: 8 June 2007 Personal vendetta: 8 June 2007 An open invitation to David Greer of Sakhalin Energy: 6 June 2007 Former Shell Executive Paddy Briggs comments on the David Greer memo scandal: 6 June 2007

Financial Times: Revised article on speech by General Patton-Greer: ‘Pipeliners All!’ Shell’s memo to Sakhalin: 6 June 2007

Financial Times: Front Page Story: ‘Pipeliners All!’ memo urges Shell’s workers to bounce off the bottom: 6 June 2007

Royal Dutch Shell has this morning confirmed the authenticity of a leaked email from David Greer, Deputy CEO of Sakhalin Energy: 5 June 2007 more Sakhalin-2 insider allegations and an astonishing leaked email purportedly from David Greer: 2 June 2007 Regarding “Are these astonishing allegations about the Sakhalin-2 project true or false?”: 20 May 2007 Ogoni student union issues ultimatum to Shell via this website: ROYAL DUTCH SHELL RE-ENTRY INTO OGONILAND: 18 May 2006

Article by former Shell Executive, Paddy Briggs: Royal Dutch Shell AGM: 15th May 2007 Are these astonishing allegations about the Sakhalin-2 project true or false?: 14 May 2007 Financial Times offers deepest apologies to Shell insiders about alleged ‘planted questions’: 14 May 2007 Comment by Paddy Briggs on Sweeney’s letter to the FT: Trading is just one way to tackle climate change: 14 May 2007 Response to recent postings on Live Chat: 4 May 2007 stats for this website in April 2007: Page Views: 2,171,290: Hits 3,194,873: 2 May 2007 Shell peddles porn? Anything for a quick buck?: 20 April 2007

Huliq – Breaking News: Russia’s ruthless seizure of Royal Dutch Shell Sakhalin2 project: 18 April 2007 Shell Loses Fifty to a Hundred Billion or so: 7 April 2007 Warning to the new partner in Shell Technology Ventures Fund 1 BV: 5 April 2007 Aborted Sunday Times article claiming this website cost Shell $22 billion : 21 March 2007

How Would You Counter This Blog Disaster? : 21 March 2007

The Wall Street Journal: Shell’s Safety Record is Worse than BP’s : 21 March 2007

Decision day looms for 399 former Shell employees suing Shell Malaysia for unlawful deduction from retirement fund : 20 March 2007

An email to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News: Shell’s treachery in Iran : 19 March 2007

The Wall Street Journal: Shell’s Safety Problem: ‘I am suspicious of you Mr. Donovan…’: 18 March 2008

ROYAL DUTCH SHELL GROUP: CONTINGENT LIABILITIES AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS : 14 March 2007 Royal Dutch Shell securities fraud : 12 March 2007 Horrific Shell fatality statistics for January and February 2007 : 12 March 2007

In the pipeline: horrific fatality statistics at Shell for Jan/Feb 2007? : 8 March 2007 Shell CEO Letter of Censure to Malcolm Brinded, Executive Director of Shell EP : 1 March 2007

From a Shell insider: Entrepreneurial spirit around Shell! : 28 February 2007

The ludicrous claim that Shell is the world’s best oil company in sustainability, CSR, governance, ethics and transparency : 26 February 2007 Update on lawsuits against Royal Dutch Shell 20 February 2007

Do you have grounds for a lawsuit against Shell? Have you, your firm or family been cheated or injured by Shell? : 9 February 2007

Correspondence with Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman on authenticity of leaked Shell top secret contingency plans : Monday 5 February 2007

GRIPING AND GRINNING: REPUTATION NETWORKS START WITH ONE : 27 January 2007 leaked Shell email spells trouble for Irina Gordiyenko : 26 January 2007

Shell to investigate fraud, contract corruption, bribery, money-laundering and organised crime inside the Shell Group: 20 January 2007 Coming soon… What Royal Dutch Shell has to say about this website and its owners, Alfred and John Donovan : 19 January 2007

Shell’s New Boss In Russia: Putin The Great, Energy Tsar : 17 January 2007

BUSINESS NEW EUROPE: Shell gets stuck in a Sakhalin blog-mire 08 January 2007 (not a story but about this website) The Sakhalin II controversy continues : 07January 2007 The inside story of Shell’s Sakhalin II debacle: 05 January 2007 Coming soon… the inside story on the Sakhalin II debacle: 30 December 2006 Sakhalin II intrigue continues with news of a secret ‘protocol’: 28 December 2006 Another leaked email from Jeroen van der Veer: 17 December 2006 IMPOTENT INCOMPETENT SHELL : 13 December 2006

Oleg Mitvol: the ‘Kremlin attack dog’ that makes the oil giants tremble : 7 December 2006 EMAIL TO THE BORNEO BULLETIN: NEWS BLACKOUT ON ROYAL DUTCH SHELL GROUP vs. Dr JOHN HUONG : 6 December 2006 Live Chat posting by ‘REALSCOTTY’: Shell insider revelation about Sakhalin II budget scandal : 4 December 2006 Argus FSU Energy series of important Sakhalin II articles : 1 December 2006 The Tell Shell Forum: a correction : 26 November 2006 Email from John Donovan to The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development: Sakhalin II : 23 November 2006 Financial Times guest columnist (and Royal Dutch Shell consultant) David Bowen replies to our criticism : 23 November 2006 I supplied the evidence Mitvol is using against Sakhalin Energy in $10 Billion Claim : 20 November 2006 I supplied the evidence Mitvol is using against Sakhalin Energy in $10 Billion Claim. : 19 November 2006 A song and dance at Shell: Astonishing revelations by a Shell Insider : 13 November 2006 A Shell Insider comment on the email correspondence with Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman : 9 November 2006 email received from Royal Dutch Shell General Counsel, Richard Wiseman on letter authenticity : 9 November 2006 email to Royal Dutch Shell General Counsel, Richard Wiseman: authentic or forgery? : 8 November 2006 Imagine the prospect of BP’s Lord Browne & Shell’s Jeroen van der Veer sharing an American prison cell? : 7 November 2006 What is going on in Mayo is so sad. : 7 November 2006 Distasteful spam link postings on Live Chat : 7 November 2006 Failure by author of FT article: ‘Online Greenery’ to declare that Shell is a client : 4 November 2006 Royal Dutch Shell reputation issues : 2 November 2006 Stephanie Boyd or Stephanie Boyde? : 31October 2006 the ‘wholly unfounded shockingly abusive allegations’ against Shell managers made by Dr John Huong : 30 October 2006 Authenticity of sensational leaked Hans Bouman email to Jeroen van der Veer : 29 October 2006 Hans Bouman outspoken email to Jeroen van der Veer : 27 October 2006 Shell’s international mobility policy : 24 October 2006 leaked internal email from Royal Dutch Shell ‘Expatriate Policy Manager’, Stephanie Boyde : 23 October 2006 The Hans Bouman, Engel van Spronsen Sakhalin emails : 23 October 2006

Sakhalin II: Apocalypse Now? A potential environmental calamity on a scale never before witnessed by humanity… 18 October 2006 Shell attorneys in Ogoni human rights case fined by U.S. Judge for conduct which degrades legal profession 18 October 2006

Email to Jeroen van der Veer: Sakhalin II: the destruction of Shell’s reputation for prudent project management 10 October 2006

U.S. Judge thwarts attempt by Shell lawyers to dismiss Ogoni charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘torture’ against Royal Dutch Shell 9 October 2006 Royal Dutch Shell and the super-secret Bilderberg group 9 October 2006 did our whistleblower email to Oleg Mitvol precipitate the Sakhalin II crisis? 6 October 2006 “Shell to Sea” corrib pipeline battle plans : 2 October 2006

Ogoni author Ben Wuloo Ikari argues that Shell should be classified as a terrorist organisation : 30 Sept 2006 hardly surprising Putin is questioning the viability of Sakhalin II : 29 Sept 2006

Sakhalin II Cost Overrun: $20 billion, £22 billion, $25 billion or $26 billion? : 27 Sept 2006

Email to Jeroen van der Veer: the Sakhalin II crisis : 26 Sept 2006

Email to Jeroen van der Veer: Resolving the Sakhalin II impasse : 26 Sept 2006

Scotland on Sunday: The true cost of Sakhalin II : 24 Sept 2006

Sakhalin II & Brent Bravo debacles: time for Brinded to resign? : 21 Sept 2006

Royal Dutch Shell’s Sakhalin Nightmare : 20 Sept 2006

Catastrophic news for Royal Dutch Shell Plc?: Russia calls a halt to Sakhalin II : 18 Sept 2006

An email to Royal Dutch Shell General Counsel regarding Sakhalin II crisis : 18 Sept 2006

Shell Whistleblowers Helpline (perhaps a bit late in the light of recent events) 14 Sept 2006

Shell Malaysia propaganda machine : 13 Sept 2006

Leaked Royal Dutch Shell Internal Email from Tom Botts: Kieron McFadyen to head Royal Dutch Shell HSE : 12 Sept 2006

Scotland On Sunday: BP and Shell facing huge problems in remote locations: Alaska and Sakhalin Island in Russia : 10 Sept 2006

Sad but true “Live Chat” about Royal Dutch Shell : 7 Sept 2006

Sakhalin II: The Russians play hard ball with Royal Dutch Shell : 6 Sept 2006

Shell-Mex & BP Limited: 30 August 2006

*Oil company profits vs. offshore worker safety: how many more lives are going to be lost?: 26 August 2006

Open Letter to Jake Molloy, General Secretary of The Offshore Union :25 August 2006

Houston Chronicle: BP’s own audit finds big lapses in management (*Bill Campbell will be interested in this article): 25 Aug 2006

Aberdeen Press & Journal: SHELL BOSS IN ABERDEEN IS OFF TO ASIA (*troubled by his conscience?): 24 August 2006 Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman: Practising what you preach : 21 August 2006 Ogoni petition to President Bush concerning Shell Oil : 20 August 2006 Sakhalin II: Another Shell scandal? : 20 August 2006 New Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Jorma Ollila: The Challenge of Shell : 19 August 2006 Comments on Shell Brent Scandal received from a Shell insider : 18 August 2006 legal proceedings against Shell in Houston for fraud and theft of intellectual property : 18 August 2006

Shell Brent Scandal: Leaked Feb 2006 Inspection Report containing damning photographic evidence : 18 August 2006 Shell prosecuted for “fraud and theft of intellectual property”…: 15 August 2006 Shell Insider comments on report: “Oil groups failing key North Sea safety tests” : 15 August 2006 When is Shell going to sue former Shell International Group Auditor Bill Campbell for defamation? : 9 August 2006

TellShell-Live the “CMD”, dithered, dallied, and danced the Macarena… : 8 August 2006

EMAIL TO MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION : 7 August 2006 constructive offer to Shell in relation to its defamation lawsuit 7 August 2006 HSE email regarding Bill Campbell and the Brent Fatal Accident Inquiry: 6 Aug 2006 Shell defamation action against Dr John Huong: An Open Offer to Shell : 6 August 2006 An Open Letter to all Oloibiri, Niger delta by the author Ben Wuloo Ikari: 6 August 2006 a warning about tendering for Royal Dutch Shell contracts: 5 August 2006 Shell alleged fraudster Rob Routs appoints new Country Chairman of Shell South Africa: 5 August 2006 Potential catastrophic consequences if Sakhalin ERD wells allegations are true: 4 August 2006 Shell finishing school for corporate crooks: 2 August 2006

Live Chat: Jeroen van der Veer: Why does he not step down himself and admit he was not up to the task?: 29 July 2006

An outspoken prophetic email from Hans Bouman to Shell Executive Malcolm Brinded : 28 July 2006 Details from Shell 2nd Quarter 2006 Results: $500 million reserves fraud settlement : 27 July 2006

Hans Bouman series of Shell internal emails: candid comments to Walter van De Vijver (remember him?) : 27 July 2006 Royal Dutch Shell $500 MILLION class action settlement: 27 July 2006

The ethical malaise at the top of Shell: 26 July 2006 “Hans” Bouman compares Shell and Enron : 25 July 2006 Come on Shell. Lets have a real online debate… : 25 July 2006
“Live Chat” Comment on BBC News story: Shell announces new £25m centre: 24 July 2006
Postings on “Live Chat” Monday 24 July 2006: the difference between Shell and BP: 24 July 2006 Update on Shell/NAM Warffum fatal accident : 24 July 2006
Response to the leaked Jeroen van der Veer email concerning the Shell Brent Scandal : 23 July 2006

Leaked Shell email from a high level source noting the moral decline at Shell: 23 July 2006 A Shell insiders “Live Chat” posting On the Shell/NAM Warffum deaths (updated): 21 July 2006 Tank explosion kills two workers at Shell/NAM Warffum: 20 July 2006 Leaked Jeroen van der Veer email relating to Shell Brent Scandal: 20 July 2006 Shell to Sea hold public meeting in Kilkenny: 20 July 2006 Extracts from Shell Insider emails regarding Brent Fatal Accident Inquiry: 19 July 2006 Shell issues High Court “Summons in Chambers” targeted against Alfred Donovan, the co-owner/publisher of this website: 17 July 2006 Humiliation for Shell in Ireland : 16 July 2006 The lottery winner picked clean by Shell : 16 July 2006 Shell North Sea Management Scandal between 1999 and 2003: : 10 July 2006
Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com: Statement by Bill Campbell: The Shell Brent Scandal: His detailed response to recent comments by Shell: Published 8 July 2006

 Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com: Shell Brent Scandal: Evidence relevant to the Accident on Brent Bravo not heard by the Sheriff at the Fatal Accident Inquiry: 8 July 2006

Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com: Unofficial transcript of BBC Radio – Brent Bravo/Bill Campbell interview (6 July 06)
Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com: Worse things happen at sea (Shell Brent Scandal) (3 July 2006) A warning to Queen Beatrix about Royal Dutch Shell (an article which may be of interest to Shell Brent whistleblower, Bill Campbell: published 3rd July 2006) Royal Dutch Shell unsuccessful attempt to thwart Ogoni U.S. Class Action: 20 June 2006 A climate of fear among Shell employees (18 June 2006) The Internet battleground for Shell’s reputation (1st June 2006) Reflections on the inaugural satellite AGM for second class Shell shareholders (1st June 2006) Latest News on the High Court Battle:  EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies vs. Dr John Huong : 23 May 2006: READ File of Shell -v- Dr John Huong Court Papers: 21 May 2006 Shell Injunctions/Imprisonment proceedings against Dr Huong; Shell Injunctions and Jailing in Ireland; Flawed credibility of The Shell Sustainability Report 2005: 15 MAY 2006:

The Observer: Criminal gangs push VAT fraud losses up to £7bn : 14 May 2006 (contains added comment) Dr Huong protest continues at Shell Centre: Thursday 4 May 2006 Email to Shell International General Counsel, Richard Wiseman: Wednesday 3 MAY 2006 Dr Huong campaigners mount protest at Shell Centre in London : 3 May 2006 EMAIL TO HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH REGARDING SHELL’S PERSECUTION OF DR JOHN HUONG: SENT 27 APRIL 2006 An Email about Shell from Ogoni Author, Ben Wuloo Ikari. :26 April 2006 CORRESPONDENCE WITH SHELL INTERNATIONAL GENERAL COUNSEL RICHARD WISEMAN REGARDING DR JOHN HUONG : 24 April 2006 Dow Jones Company/Wall Street Journal threats against this website25 April 2006 SHELL ISSUES FURTHER HIGH COURT INJUNCTION PROCEEDINGS AGAINST DR JOHN HUONG : 20 April 2006
THE INDEPENDENT: Drama of a private eye, two movie moguls, and the FBI : 15 April 2006 ROYAL DUTCH SHELL APOLOGISES FOR IRISH JAILINGS: 13 April 2006 Mr Justice Finnegan, Royal Dutch Shell & the “Rossport Five” : 11 April 2006
The Times: Ex-MI6 man spies opening as head of GPW : 10 April 2006 (with added information from
Irish Times: No further sanctions against Shell protesters (Also update on Dr John Huong) : 8 April 2006
CNET.News: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ON THE INTERNET: 26 MARCH 2006 (article by Alfred Donovan)


ROYAL DUTCH SHELL “NOTICE TO SHOW CAUSE” PROCEEDINGS AGAINST DR. HUONG: PART ONE: 23 March 2006: READ MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND: IMPRISONMENT OF DR HUONG BY ROYAL DUTCH SHELL? : 20 March 2006 Royal Dutch Shell Response to Dr John Huong in Defamation lawsuit: Shell claims it has a good reputation? : 13 March 2006
Harvard Business School Document (April 2000): Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria : 9 March 2006 “Tell Shell” Internet discussion forum still gagged  : 8 March 2006 Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Agip and Total operations and employees all at risk in Nigeria : 6 March 2006 WWF seeking information from those concerned about Sakhalin : 5 March 2006 Oil Company Sleuths : 4 March 2006 Global class action motion alleging securities fraud filed against Royal Dutch Shell in U.S. Court: 3 March 2006: READ An example of the harsh conditions facing Royal Dutch Shell in Sakhalin : 2 March 2006 Shell Whistleblowers legal action against Shell resumes : 2 March 2006 U.S. PIRG PLAN FOR ARCTIC WILDERNESS RESOLUTION AT SHELL AGM THWARTED : 28 February 2006 ASIA PULSE THREATENING LETTER : 28 February 2006 Dow Jones threats against Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com : Related to Asia Pulse letter: 28 Feb 2006 Archive: Analysis March 2004: Royal Dutch Shell restates its oil reserves : 28 Feb 2006
BORNEO POST: MHS helicopter catches fire, aborts take-off : 24 February 2006 (has added infor) From a Shell Insider: “…Malcolm Brinded is certainly lying when he states that he did not know”: Mon 20 Feb 2006 04:27 AM EST: READ
The Business Online: BP leaves investors to spend $65bn surplus : 16 Feb 06 (comment by John Donovan) Could Shell Run Short of Cash? : 16 Feb 2006 EMAIL TO SHELL MALAYSIA COUNTRY CHAIRMAN JON CHADWICK: Mon 13 Feb 2006 05:48 PM EST: READ

BruneiDirect.Com: Royal Dutch Shell Companies in Malaysia : 12 Feb 2006 (article by Alfred Donovan) Archive: Shell’s reputation destroyed after FIVE consecutive cuts to its Hydrocarbon Reserves covering 55 % of total reserves.: Sunday 12 February 2006: READ THE END OF SHELL TRANSPORT AND TRADING AS A BRITISH OWNED COMPANY : 11 Feb 06 SHELL WHISTLEBLOWER RETAINS A SENSE OF HUMOUR : 10 Feb 06 Are you a “Team A” litigant suing Shell in Malaysia? : 8 Feb 2006

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: RESERVES WHISTLEBLOWER DR HUONG & ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC : Tue 07 Feb 2006 10:12 AM ESTNaturally Dr Huong is depressed and distressed at the ruthless way he is being treated after being a hardworking employee for almost three decades. Unlike the directors currently still at the helm of Shell, he is not implicated or tainted by the reserves fraud. Indeed, if he had been listened to, the fraud would probably not have happened.: READ DRAFT AFFIDAVIT OF DR JOHN HUONG: AN UNPARALLELED INDICTMENT OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL GROUP: AN UNAUTHORIZED PUBLICATION: 7 FEBRUARY 2006: READ


DR HUONG CONFIRMS ACCURACY OF DYNAMITE INDICTMENT OF SHELL: Tue 07 Feb 2006 07:40 PM EST: I note that Dr Huong has not taken issue with the accuracy of the content of his draft Affidavit. This is unsurprising since he was the author (but not the publisher). READ   




Shell Insider Article with Leaked Shell Internal document: Our “Leader” – TOM BOTTS: Shell Executive VP: “Hello Alfred: Below is the crap we receive from our ‘leader’.” 2 Feb 2006: READ
Jyoti Munsiff: more analogous to a poacher turned gamekeeper: “Jyoti Munsiff was up to her neck in trying to cover-up the cover-up (it is only in reference to Shell management that I could end up writing such a comment). Consequently I am shocked at her new role as the keeper of Shell ethics. Frankly it’s laughable (but I’m not laughing).”: Thu 02 Feb 2006: READ
Investments & Pensions Europe: Shell facing costs from Dutch funds’ action: “Oil giant Shell today says the two class actions brought against it by Dutch pension schemes and German and Luxembourg institutions could dent its earnings significantly.”: “In other news, the South African arm of Shell has been accused of “improperly” using surplus pension fund money according to a 2001 amendment of the Pension Funds Act. “: Thu 02 Feb 2006 02:50 PM EST: READ Jyoti Munsiff: Shell’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer: “analogous to putting a fox in charge of a hen house.”: 2 Feb 2006: READ Email to Jyoti Munsiff from a Shell Whistleblower: “: “I also believe that it is fair to make readers of this communication aware that apart from the High Court Restraining Order, I am also constrained in my comments by a threat of imprisonment.”: Thu 02 Feb 2006 02:57 AM EST: READ NGO’s and US class action lawyers urgently seek contact with Shell shareholders/employees Thu 02 Feb 2006 08:55 AM EST:READ THE SHELL ENRON LINK : 2 Feb 2006 WWF seeking information from those concerned about Sakhalin : 2 Feb 2006
Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer faces potential criminal prosecution by US Justice Depart: 30 Jan 2006: READ Dr Huong files broadside defence to Shell defamation lawsuit: 29 January 2006: READ Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer still faces potential criminal prosecution by US Justice Department: 29 January 2006: READ Shell Insider: Botts will pop a vein once he sees this: Fri 27 Jan 2006: READ Urgent appeal to Royal Dutch Shell Plc Investors by U.S. Pirg Shell campaign regarding arctic national wildlife refuge: Wed 25 Jan 2006: READ ECCR seeks Shell shareholder support for shareholder resolution : 25 Jan 2006 Global Floodgates Open on Shell Reserves Fraud Class Action : 25 Jan 2006 : 20 January 2006 Bribery and Corruption at Shell: Saturday 14 January 2006: READ The Dow Jones report (see article below) about the $50,000 reminds me of a comment that I heard within Shell – something to the effect that Shell were under increasing financial pressure from the Russian “mafia”…: “may be little more than the tip of the iceberg”: Friday 13 January 2006: READ The latest embarrassment to Shell: READ
Tuesday 10 January 2006: Now Updated for Wednesday 11 Jan: From a Shell Insider(“I had to get this long story off my chest, I am glad there is a forum where this can get published/discussed without being killed off.”: “Freedom of speech is great, it should be encouraged within Shell too.) Shell alienates and defrauds almost an entire country: Tuesday 10 January 2006: READ
(From a Shell Insider): (The Dutch populace are renowned for their fiscal prudence, and may not be amused to hear that their pension funds have been defrauded by Shell) Shell Insider Article: “…the Bonga field is very late and over budget.”: “I wonder whose 2005 bonus required the “first oil” from Bonga to be produced before the end of the year…”: Monday 9 January 2006: READ 399 REASONS WHY JON CHADWICK, DEPARTING CHAIRMAN OF SHELL MALAYSIA, SHOULD BE HANGING HIS HEAD IN SHAME: Sun 8 January 2006: READ ‘Shell Venster’ magazine photograph captures Royal Dutch Shell Plc Company Secretary, Michiel Brandjes, involved in a screwing job with his secretary: READ Shell Malaysia Chairman’s new job: Saturday 7 January 2006: READ Shell Insider News on Walter van de Vijver: Wednesday 4 January 2006 22.45 GMT: READ 2 YRS AFTER RESERVES FRAUD, SHELL REPUTATION STILL RANKED ALONGSIDE ENRON : 4 January 2006 Shell insider view on Sakhalin II loan news from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:“In spite of Shell’s attempts to spin this announcement, this does not mean that the project has been given a clean bill of health.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: 12.15 EST: READ Email from former Shell Malaysia employee group prompts a new website: Thursday 15 Dec 2005: 00.05am: READ The “GREAT CORRIB GAS CONTROVERSY” may turn into a full blown scandal: “The CPI report contained findings on health, safety and environmental implications damaging to Shell’s case and with potentially equally damning political implications for the Irish coalition government.”: Wednesday 14 December 2005: 04.22am EST: READ ALMOST 2 YRS AFTER THE RESERVES FRAUD, SHELL’S REPUTATION IS STILL RANKED IN THE CORPORATE GUTTER ALONGSIDE ENRON: Friday 9 December 2005: 05.25am EST: READ A Shell insider comments on an FT article about Aad Jacobs, the Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell plc.: “I find it incredible that big companies hang on to these geriatrics.”: “…the salmon was getting cold so he could not spend more time on this minor issue of bad reserves reporting. He had done what a chairman of the supervisory board had to do and continued with his lunch.”: Monday 5 December 2005: 09.45am EST: READ An Open Letter to Jean Lemierre, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, regarding Shell’s Sakhalin II loan application: “Perhaps if more time had been spent on project management rather than ego and status driven pursuits and personal enrichment by Shell senior management, Shell would not be in the almost perpetual state of crisis which its stakeholders have witnessed in recent years.”: Sunday 4 December 2005: 00.15am EST READ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development defers Sakhalin2 decision for one month: Tuesday 29 November 2005: 07.00am EST: READ Dynamite Email from Shell insider: “I am a Shell employee but of late we not allowed anymore to freely ventilate our concerns to management by fear which reigns inside the company. Therefore I take the unusual step to send this email to you from my home address and trust you will keep me anonymous.”: “The last few weeks there has been a great number of articles on Sakhalin and other disasters on your site. The one that made me write this email was the interview with Linda Cook.”: “…the ‘poodle’ of Phil Watts…”: Monday 28 November 2005: READ Is Shell panicking?: “AlliancexShell grows to 200 members in initial day”: Monday 28 November 2005: 05.20am EST: READ EMAIL RECEIVED FROM MEMBER OF ROSSPORT FIVE CAMPAIGN: ( has agreed not to disclose the name of this well known Irish national): Posted Monday 28 November 2005: 00.05am GMT READ Dire warning to President Putin about $26 BILLION overrun on Sakhalin2 project: Friday 25 November 2005: 04.30am EST: READ Is Sakhalin Doomed?: Tuesday 22 November 2005: 06.40am EST: READ Shell Brent field shut down?: Monday 21 November 2005: 10.50am EST: READ Rattled Shell management swamped with bad news, issues threat following President Putin’s Sakhalin2 tirade: Thursday 17 November 2005: 03.00am EDT: READ Royal Dutch Shell fails to deny $26 billion overrun figure on Sakhalin2: Tuesday 15 November 2005: 08.45am ET: READ Royal Dutch Shell suspends its “Tell Shell” discussion forum indefinitely in response to censorship attack: Sunday 6 November 2005: 04.30am EDT:READ The slow death of the ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC “Tell Shell” Internet discussion forum: 25 October 2005: 09.00am ET: READ Shell hopes to duck its Malaysian employee pension fund responsibilities on a legal technicality: Tuesday 25 October 2005: 05.00am ET: READ Final Cost of Sakhalin-2 will now be at least $26 Bn.: “A new Sakhalin management team recently completed a technical review of the project. It has concluded that the final cost will be at least $26bn.”: Tuesday 18 October 2005: 00.30am GMT: READ PROTECTING THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT OF THE PACIFIC RIM: CHAPTER ONE: “Since 1994, Shell Oil has been spearheading an oil and gas extraction project off the shore of Sakhalin Island, a Russian Island north of Japan. This development will impact the critically endangered Western Pacific Grey Whale…”: Posted Wednesday 12 October 2005: 09.30pm EDT: READ PROTECTING THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT OF THE PACIFIC RIM: CHAPTER TWO: Posted Wednesday 12 October 2005: 09.30pm EDT: READ PROTECTING THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT OF THE PACIFIC RIM: CHAPTER THREE: Posted Wednesday 12 October 2005: 09.30pm EDT: READ New SEC Chairman, Christopher Cox, brands Royal Dutch Shell reserves debacle a European “fraud” on a par with the Enron and WorldCom scandals: Tuesday 11 October 2005: 04.00am EDT: READ What “myhosting” says about our Royal Dutch Shell plc dotcom website: “Your site is very busy, very large”: Posted Saturday 8 October 2005: 03.10am EDT READ Royal Dutch Shell farcical No. 2 ranking in the 2005 “Accountability Rating” published in FORTUNE magazine: Tuesday 27 September 2005 08.15am ET: READ Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees?: Thursday 22 September 2005 00.10 am EDT NY: READ CENSORSHIP OF DR JOHN HUONG BY ROYAL DUTCH SHELL: Wednesday 14 September 2005 10:30 AM EDT: READ Saving and Serving Lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: “In view of recent publicly made allegations against Shell management that it has displayed racist policies towards its former employees in Malaysia…”: Tuesday 13 Sept 2005 16.48 PM EDT: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL ROBBERS AND RASCALS: Monday 12 Sept 2005 04:15 EDT: READ Forbidden Words of a Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong – A Shell Geologist for almost 30 years: Friday 9 Sept 2005: 10:00am EDT READ Question mark over legal status of Royal Dutch Shell Statement of General Business Principles: “The development may also be of interest to the Rossport Five jailed in Ireland at Shell’s behest after making a stand on environmental grounds.”: Friday 9 September 2005: 10.00am ET: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL attempt to thwart Ogoni US Class Action Lawsuit fails: Update 2: Thursday 8 September 2005: 17.20 pm ET: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC DOTCOM, THE ULTIMATE INTERNET GRIPE SITE: Sunday Sept 4, 2005 18:15 PM ET: READ Royal Dutch Shell settles another US Class Action Lawsuit and undertakes ethics makeover: Wednesday 31 August 2005: 20.00 ET: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL MALAYSIAN CHAIRMAN, JON CHADWICK UNDER HEAVY FIRE: Tuesday 30 August 2005: 11.30am ET READ A Poisoned Chalice for Jorma Ollila at Royal Dutch Shell Plc?: Tuesday 30 August 2005: 11.30am ET: READ ALARM BELLS RING OVER TENDERING FOR ROYAL DUTCH SHELL CONTRACTS: Monday 29 August 2005: 03.00 ET: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL TENDER BENDERS: Sunday 28 August 2005: 05.20 ET: READ Royal Dutch Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer, Master of Double Dutch: Saturday 27 August 2005: 11.20 ET: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL CLOSELY LINKED TO “INDEPENDENT” COMPANY REVIEWING CONTROVERSIAL CORRIB PIPELINE PROJECT: SATURDAY 27 August 2005: 04.45am ET: READ

ROYAL DUTCH SHELL IRISH PIPELINE DILEMMA: Wednesday 24 August 2005: 10.25 EDT: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL’S TARNISHED ROYAL PREFIX: Monday 22 August 2005: 09.15 EDT: READ ROYAL DUTCH SHELL EXECUTIVES JET FUELLED ARROGANCE: Sunday 21 August 2005: 11.10 EDT: READ FINANCIAL TIMES ON ROYAL DUTCH SHELL NIGERIAN PRODUCTION SHUT DOWN: Thursday 18 August 2005 NY 03.00 ET: READ Financial Times reports Royal Dutch Shell has won exploration licence off Irish coast: Thursday 18 August 2005 NY 03.35 ET: READ TAXING QUESTIONS ARISING FROM ROYAL DUTCH SHELL MERGER: POSTED 17 AUGUST 2005: 11.45 ET: Read Royal Dutch Shell Whistleblower, Dr. John Huong Yiu Tuong, offers insider evidence to the Shell Brent Bravo Public Inquiry: Wednesday 17 August 2005: 09.20 ET READ THE ARTICLE Wall Street Journal Reports on Stock-Fraud Lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell Plc.: Tuesday 16 August 2005: 21.45 ET: Read the article A Black Eye for Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Lord Oxburgh in relation to Shell fraud allegations: Tuesday 16 August 2005 03.50 ET: Read the article ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC FACES STRONG PROTESTS FOLLOWING SHABBY TREATMENT OF UK SHAREHOLDERS: Monday 15 August 2005 16.30 ET: Read the article Royal Dutch Shell Plc disposal programme could benefit if Cnooc launches Bid for Woodside Petroleum: Wall Street Journal article: Monday 15 August 2005: 16.30 ET: Read the article Secret Censorship on Royal Dutch Shell “Tell Shell” Internet Forum: Sunday 14 August 2005: 13.00 ET: Read the article FULL DETAILS OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PROPOSED $90 MILLION SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT BROUGHT BY SHELL AMERICAN EMPLOYEES: SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 2005: 13.00 ET: Read the article ROYAL DUTCH SHELL ABYSMAL TRACK RECORD IN PROCEEDINGS WITH THE OWNERS OF Alfred and John Donovan: Saturday 13 August 2005: 13.15 ET: Read the article Shell loses Royal Dutch Shell PLC Domain Name Battle: Friday 12 August 2005: 01.35am ET: Read the article and the WIPO panel decision Another Bad News Day For Shell: Thursday 11 August 2005: 13.35pm: Read the article US Class Action Suit Against Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer Alleging Securities Fraud Given Consent to Proceed: 08.00am Thursday 11 August 2005: Read the article Major US Class Action Lawsuit Against Shell Given go-ahead by U.S. District Chief Judge John Bissell: Read the 152 page Order Here: 21.00pm Wednesday 10 August 2005 Read the 152 page Order Here: 21.00pm Wednesday 10 August 2005: Read the article ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC DOMAIN NAMES DISPUTE: LATEST NEWS: Designated an “exceptional case” by panel appointed under WIPO auspices: 05.00pm (GMT+1) Wednesday 10 August 2005 (06.00pm Geneva time): Read the article Wall Street Journal Questions Chevron Unocal Deal: 09.55am Wednesday 10 August 2005: Read the article Two radical steps could further distance Royal Dutch Shell from the reserves scandal: 18.30pm Monday 8 August 2005: Read the article Rossport Five may have grounds to bring wrongful imprisonment claim against Shell: 00.50am Sunday 7 August 2005: Read the article The Jailing of the Rossport 5 by Shell: John Donovan’s interview on Dublin Newstalk Radio 106fm – “The Breakfast Show with Eamon Dunphy”: Posted 17.30 Saturday 6 August 2005: Read the article SHELL’S PREDICTABLE IRISH STEW: Some well-informed advice for the Corrib pipeline protestors: Wednesday 3 August 2005: Read the article NOT ALL BAD NEWS FOR SHELL: 15.45: Thursday, 28 July 2005: Read the article Former Shell PR veteran, Paddy Briggs, traces the firm’s reputational demise: “the reputation of Shell has been destroyed by hypocrisy, mendacity and deceit.”: 09.25: Wednesday 27 July 2005: Read the article An Expert Assessment of Shell’s Reputation: “On occasion, a company’s activities can acquire so much bad publicity that the brand is damaged beyond repair.”: 18.28. Tuesday 26 July 2005: Read the article Why has Ex-Shell Boss Watts brought proceedings against the FSA who did not name him in their Shell reserves scandal report but not against publishers and broadcasters who have named him in connection with the debacle?: 00.10 Tuesday 26 July 2005: Read the article Shell still under heavy fire in US Courts: Latest on US Class Action hearing against Royal Dutch/Shell: Updated 11am Sunday 24 July 2005: Read the article Newark Star-Ledger report on the multi-billion dollar US Class Action reserves scandal lawsuit against Royal Dutch/Shell and named former and current directors, including Royal Dutch Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer and Shell E & P Executive Director, Malcolm Brinded: 1.40am: Sunday 24 July 2005: Read the article Yet another PR disaster for Shell after Nigeria, Brent Spar, the reserves debacle and the $10 billion cost overrun on the Sakhalin-2 project: now the Corrib Irish pipeline “cause célèbre”: 16.45pm: Saturday 23 July 2005: Read the article

SHELLNEWS.NET: WHY WE CAN’T BE SURE OF SHELL: article identifies a common denominator between the reserves scandal and Sakhalin-2 cost overrun debacle: the issue of trust: 9.52am Friday 22 July 2005: Read the article ANOTHER BAD NEWS DAY FOR SHELL: LONDON TIMES ARTICLE IMPLIES THAT SHELL ISSUED A FALSE PROSPECTIVE FOR ITS MERGER: THE INDEPENDENT SAYS THAT SHELL IS “RUDDERLESS”: FT CLAIMS THAT INVESTORS DUMPED THE NEW UNIFIED SHELL SHARES ON THEIR DEBUT DAY AND REVIVES DESIRABLE PROSPECT OF TOTAL/SHELL MEGA-MERGER: 9am: Thursday 21 July 2005: Read the article A new company – Royal Dutch Shell plc will be born tomorrow – but it will forever have a SECOND-HAND Internet id if Shell wins domain name battle: 16.45pm: Tuesday 19 July 2005: Read the article THE SHELL SAKHALIN-2 DEBACLE: Creditability concerns over Royal Dutch/Shell Executives, Jeroen van der Veer and Malcolm Brinded following the Salhalin2 $10 billion cost overrun scandal.: “The only thing which has saved the hangover management at Shell is the one element over which they have no influence – the high oil price. In every other respect they are an unmitigated disaster. They should be sent packing.“: Monday 18 July 2005: Read the article A FOCUS ON SHELL’S UNETHICAL & RUTHLESS TREATMENT OF ITS MALAYSIAN EMPLOYEES: Saturday 16 July 2005: Read the article Shell pays almost a quarter of a billion dollars in fines and settlements arising from reserves scandal, but more litigation is underway: “A court hearing is taking place today in the US District Court of New Jersey in respect of a billion dollar class action law suite against Shell by US institutional shareholders“: 16.30pm: Wednesday 13 July 2005: Read the article Shell undercover agents: What the Irish pipeline protesters can expect: “We have more than one letter from Shell Legal Director/Shell International General Counsel, Richard Wiseman, admitting the “activities” of a Shell undercover agent, Mr Christopher Phillips.”: Published Monday 11 July 2005: 13.50pm Read the article FINANCIAL TIMES: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: THE DOUBLE STANDARDS OF SIR MARK MOODY-STUART: 17.30pm Tuesday 5 July 2005: Read the article The Sunday Times article “Corrib threat to Shell sell-off: “Do we spy another PR disaster on Shell’s horizon after Nigeria, Brent Spar and the reserves debacle?”: 17.40: Sunday 3 July 2005: Read the article Ironic Shell: The Shell Transport FINAL AGM resulting from the reserves scandal, started and ended to the refrain of Bing Crosby crooning: “You can be sure of Shell”: 3.10pm Wednesday 29 June 2005: Read the article Shell Exploration & Production Chief, Malcolm Brinded OBE under fire says The Observer: Sunday 26 June 2005: 3pm GMT Read the article Who is the bad sport raining on Shell’s unification parade? Which veteran Shell shareholder has dampened the biggest Corporate Overhaul in Shell’s history? The answer: Alfred Donovan, the 88 year old Shell AGM party pooper. Why has he embarrassed the hell out of Shell for over decade? Saturday 25 June 2005: Read the article Mr Justice Laddie, the High Court Judge who has been the subject of calls for an investigation into his handling on the Shell/Donovan “SMART trial (and has been cited by Shell in the domain name battle) resigns from the Bench claiming he is “bored”.: Thursday 23 June 2005: Read the article RESPONSE TO LONDON TIMES ARTICLE OF 21 JUNE 2005: Read the article Shell whistleblower, Dr John Huong, a Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing faces Shell in court today in his action for wrongful dismissal against his former employer: 15 June 2005: Read the article Royal Dutch Shell plc: Far from a fresh start for Shell: 10 June 2005: Read the article Speculation of a Shell/BP Merger? 6 June 05 Dutch Newspaper/website Article on the Donovan/Royal Dutch Shell Domain name battle: “Mijn god, die layout” (Posted 6 June 05) Report on a Russian Website about the ROYALDUTCHSHELLPLC.COM domain name battle referred to The World Intellectual Property Organisation: Headline: Shell ???????? ?????? ?? ??????? ????? Posted 6 June 05 THE DARK SIDE OF SHELL” 6 JAN 05 HUGE Embarrassment for Shell on the eve of the dual AGM’s proposing a unified company worth more than $200 billion: EXTRAORDINARY STATEMENT MADE TO THE WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION ABOUT AND ITS OWNER ALFRED DONOVAN (THE RESPONDENT) BY SHELL INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED (THE COMPLAINANT): 2 JUNE 05

SHELLNEWS.NET: KEN SARO-WIWA FOUNDATION: CALL FOR EDUCATORS: “The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation (KSWF) is looking for interested elementary and secondary teachers to participate in an education outreach program around the 10-year anniversary of the execution of Nigerian writer, human rights and environmental activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa.”:  “In 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his Ogoni (Nigerian community) colleagues were executed by the Nigerian Government following their campaign against the devastating environmental impacts of oil companies in their lands in the Niger Delta.” Posted 17 May 05 Nearly 400 former Shell staff still await Malaysian Appeal Court hearing after winning their High Court Case against Shell: “Counsel for the plaintiffs, Datuk Dr Cyrus Das, brought to the courts attention the fact that the majority of the plaintiffs are well over the age of 60 and in weak and declining health. Posted 26 May 05 A possible connection between Halliburton, Vice-President Dick Cheney, and Sir Philip Watts in relation to the Shell reserves scandal? Monday 2 August 04 The Shell Chairman responsible for Shell’s descent into cover-up, scandal and shame on an epic scale? 25 August 04 MULTIBILLION DOLLAR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, NAMED CURRENT & FORMER DIRECTORS, & SHELL AUDITORS/CONSULTANTS, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS & KPMG: 2 October 04 The Great Shell Pluspoints Swindle: “A deluge of feedback to a simple web page launched in February 2004, entitled “The Great Shell Pluspoints Swindle”, revealed that a badly flawed computer system, a disinterested customer service department, and the repeated failure by Shell’s managers to act on problems have left the Pluspoints scheme in tatters; wide open to fraud and misuse by dishonest and careless petrol station staff.”: 3 October 04 Shell ordered to pay RM50 million to former employees: “The High Court here yesterday ordered Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB), Sabah Shell Petroleum Company (SSPC) and Trustees of the Shell Sarawak and Sabah Retirement Benefit Fund (RFB) to pay RM50 million, including eight percent interest, to 399 former employees.”: 4 October 04 LEAKED SHELL CONFIDENTIAL INTERNAL REPORT ON SHELL’S ACTIVITIES IN NIGERIA BY WAC Global Services Dec 03: “PEACE AND SECURITY IN THE NIGER DELTA”. Oil Gangs Threaten Nigerian unity: “So on one hand we have the Ogoni living in utter destitution in a despoiled land which has immense oil and gas resources: 17 November 2004 UK Home Secretary resigns after email evidence emerges 15 Dec 04 SHELL TRANSPORT – AN ILL-FATED PREDICTION:  24 Dec 04


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