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Corrib link to Irish man’s death

April 26, 2009

Michael Dwyer worked on Shell project before his death in Bolivia

MICHAEL DWYER, the Tipperary man shot dead in Bolivia, worked in security on the Shell Corrib project with a Hungarian associate of the main target of the Bolivian police attack.

It now seems likely that Tibor Revesz, 32, who worked with Dwyer for Integrated Risk Management Services (IRMS), a security company that protects Shell’s gas project in Mayo, is the link between the Tipperary man and Eduardo Rozsa Flores.

I-RMS refused to answer queries but issued a statement confirming that Dwyer worked for them up to October 20 last year.

Before he travelled to Bolivia, Flores said he was going to the Santa Cruz region to form a militia to protect the region against the central government.

Both Flores and Revesz were members of the Szekler Legion, a Hungarian group that wants to fight for the independence of Szeklerland, home to ethnic Hungarians in the heart of Romania.

One of the group’s websites contains a post, dated October 30 2008, calling for volunteers to send in their CVs if they could work for an unnamed man to help in the defence of Santa Cruz in Bolivia. This man may have been Flores.

Dwyer travelled out to Bolivia in November with a Hungarian, believed to be Revesz, and two other men to do a security course. When this course fell through, Dwyer is said to have stayed on to work for a “wealthy guy” according to his father. The other men who travelled out with Dwyer did not stay in Bolivia.

In a blog registered in Revesz’s name he posted a message last Monday: “Michael: Rest in peace. Suaimhneas siorai. “Elod: Hold on!”

Elod refers to Elot Toazo, one of two men from Flores’s group arrested by Bolivian police.

On his website Revesz asked for donations to help to repatriate the body of Magyarosi Arpak, the third man killed in the police raid. He said the cost of this could come to €15,000. He also said that money is needed to pay for Toazo’s legal costs.

His CV, which is posted online said that he was a former member of the Hungarian army and also worked as a bodyguard and a series of other security jobs before working for IRMS.

It is still not clear how much Dwyer knew about the political motivation of Flores and his group.

Hernan Rossell, manager of Hotel Las Americas, where the men were killed, said: “There was nothing peculiar about them. The clerk that checked them in saw them a couple of times, because they rarely left the fourth floor, says there was nothing suspicious about them.”

Rossell cast doubt on claims that Flores controlled his men by holding their passports.

Dwyer will have a post-mortem examination tomorrow in Dublin.

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