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Reorganization costs Shell Nederland jobs (internal e-mail




Shell is completely different to do. Not only without Linda Cook yesterday unexpectedly steps, but with substantially fewer people. How many jobs are lost, Shell would not say, but a spokesman in the United States told AP that the 2000 jobs at headquarters in The Hague under pressure.

According to the blog are mainly supportive, administrative and IT staff. There are also rumors that 30% of Management lost his job as Shell denies. However, in a leaked e-mail that Peter Voser sent to staff this morning that “fewer people will take more strategic decisions.

Fragment of Voser e-mail, read here all mail

There are about 24,000 workers affected by the reorganization, or because they are within a short resignation letter in the mailbox or get by them to another location to be transferred.

Shell is the other group classified the three divisions Exploration & Production, Gas & Power and Oil Zanden become one. This is also the departure of Cook better understand what they did in directing the Gas & Power division thus disappears. Last year they even saw the appointment as successor to Jeroen van der Veer as CEO of Shell Peter Voser to go.

The new division ( “Upstream”) in the future not to production but to location on the world map divided: America and the rest of the world.Perhaps the headquarters in Den Haag less important and therefore that job disappear?

Oil in panic 
Talking about oil have warned Saudi Arabia yesterday for a renewed rise in oil prices to $ 150 per barrel. Minister of Petroleum Ali al-Naimi said that the low prices no investments be made to reach more difficult to extract oil.This occurs at a given moment tightness in the market and prices, the huge increase to over $ 150 per barrel.

According to The Wall Street Journal shortly before a collapse in oil prices to be expected. Stocks of OPEC continue to only grow, storage space is running out and the economies of major industrialized countries have far more shrinkage than growth.

Anna Dijkman  17:11  27 Mei 2009

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