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Tips on suing Royal Dutch Shell for theft of Intellectual Property

By John Donovan

We have sued Shell repeatedly in the High Court for the theft of our Intellectual Property. It is doubtful if anyone can match our experience in dealing with this ruthless serial poacher of others parties ideas.

We are not alone in being cheated by Shell. Other similar litigation is currently underway against this unprincipled predator.

The following is an extract from a response email I sent yesterday to Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc:

Shell also has a track record of Intellectual Property theft as mentioned in the same article. As you know, Shell settled four such actions with us. IP litigation is still underway. I understand that one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and project management to the oil and gas industry is refusing to put confidential proposals to Shell, except under unprecedented terms of secrecy designed to counter bad faith and trickery.

The first difficulty faced by potential litigants considering suing Shell, is finding a law firm with the required resources which does not have a conflict of interest. It must be willing to confront an opponent with unlimited financial resources and no scruples about doing whatever it takes to destroy an opponent.

In our experience this can involve Shell’s use of:

* equally unscrupulous solicitors e.g. Kendall Freeman
* undercover activity
* witness intimidation
* threats
* jurisdiction ploys
* burying evidence
* tampering with evidence
* holding back highly material discovery documents
* manipulating and deceiving the news media
* hiding information about the litigation from Shell shareholders
* dragging out litigation to drain the resources of a financially weaker opponent

*use of outright deception and attempted entrapment in the court room

All of the above tactics were used while Shell Legal Director Richard Wiseman was heading Shell’s legal team. Because of his track record for loyally carrying out his instructions, he has now been promoted to the position of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. That tells you all you need to know about Shell and its sham business principles of integrity, honesty and transparency.

Please contact us if you are contemplating suing Shell. We may be able to help, perhaps with similar fact evidence from other cases involving Shell. The same applies if you have already commenced proceedings.

If you have sued Shell in the past, please let us have any information we can put into the public domain as a warning to others to be on guard when dealing with this predatory company. Shell management has ample funds to pay for intellectual property but prefers to steal it from small businesses and in our experience, gives its full backing to dishonest managers willing to do its bidding.

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