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Email to Shell on Imminent EP Job Cuts Announcement

EMAIL TO RDS PLC COMPANY SECRETARY AT 9.46am TODAY (Previous email sent yesterday)

Dear Mr Brandjes

Further to my previous email on this subject, we intend to publish an article later today containing the information set out below, which is based on further insider information subsequently received.

An announcement on the new EP organisation under the Peter Voser restructuring process is imminent. According to our insider information, the announcement will be made on Monday.

It will involve major job cuts. Although precise figures have not been supplied to us, our estimate based on an analysis of the leaked information we have received, is that on average, staff numbers will be cut by 15%. Many staff will be forced to reapply for their jobs. This is less than was forecast by one Shell executive who according to our information, said that in his view, a cut of 20% was needed.

Shell has been given the opportunity to correct any information relating to the pending announcement which is inaccurate.

Please let me know as a matter of urgency if anything stated is untrue, so that it can be deleted or amended. As previously indicated, we do not wish to cause unfounded concern to Shell employees.

Best Regards

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