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Paddy Briggs elected as a Trustee of Shell Contributory Pension Fund

It has come to our attention that former Shell executive Paddy Briggs (above) has been elected to serve the thirty-three thousand Shell pensioners in the UK as a Trustee of the Shell Contributory Pension Fund for four years commencing January 2010. In addition to the elected members, the Board of Trustees has seven Shell appointees, including UK country chairman James Smith and Clive Mather, the Chairman of the Board.

The manifesto on which Paddy Briggs was elected was:

“I joined Shell Mex and B.P. in 1964 and retired from Shell in 2002 having worked in Shell UK Ltd, Shell International and operating companies in The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Dubai. The Shell that most of us once worked for is long gone – as the “reserves” scandal and the recent furore over top executive remuneration have shown. Such events, coupled with the deteriorating financial position of many pensioners (which was exacerbated this year by a derisory 0.9% annual pension increase) illustrate the extent of the changes in Shell and confirm the urgent need for a strong defence of SCPF member interests by the one elected MNT Trustee directors. I was “First reserve” in the elections in 2007 and hope to go one better this time around. If elected I will do my upmost robustly to represent the interests of the Pensioner constituency and all other beneficiaries of the fund.”

We will quite understand that with Paddy concentrating on his new duties, he is probably unlikely to have the time to continue his insightful, candid and often entertaining contributions on this website. And he may also feel that it would be inappropriate to be an outspoken critic of Shell at a time when he has to work closely with senior Shell personnel in order to protect the interests of the members of the Pension Fund.  Over the years  Paddy’s  plain speaking and knowledge in his published articles, and his thoughtful comments posted on our Shell Blog, may have helped to persuade Shell UK pensioners that he is exactly the right person to represent them at this time. We wish him well.

Quite frankly, we have been surprised that Shell did not retain Paddy as a brand consultant given his continuing interest in Shell and invaluable marketing expertise. At least his fellow Shell pensioners will now benefit from the outstanding qualities which made him such a successful executive during his long career with Shell. And we are always here should Paddy feel that he needs a public platform again! and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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  1. #1 Jo Blow
    on Sep 15th, 2009 at 21:07

    Congratulations on your Election Paddy!

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