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Shell Motiva VP Tom Purves rewarding his loyal subjects

Greetings Folks,

Interesting developments regarding Thornal and Royer, Thanks for bringing them forward Golden Triangle Watchman, I had intended to but got rather busy of late.  Thornal was clearly an example of Purves rewarding his loyal subjects, Royer is a bit surprising.  You see folks Mr. Royer had intended or desired to work a few more years.  Of course, maybe the thought of being underling to the grossly incompetent and flagrantly arrogant Funk might have been to much for Leroy.  Or maybe Funk realized that Leroy was smarter than him and hence a threat.  Ordinarily I would feel sorry for Mr. Royer if it was not his desire to fade off in the sunset, however I don’t and I will tell you why.  Mr Royer is basically a pretty good guy with no guts, he didn’t have the stomach to stand up for his people in early 09 when 1.1 performers mysteriously from mid year review to end of year review became worthless pieces of crap.  As a leader you are duty bound to those below and above you, I dont fault Leroy for the way some people were treated in regards to their IPF, that was clearly above his head.  He did not however have to compromise his integrity and participate in slanderously fabricating untrue performance appraisals for these people.  I hope the shame I know you feel haunts you Leroy!

Lets have some fun, We all know more cuts are coming so lets start a round of speculation on who gets rewarded next.  1.  Larry Patterson  2.  Mr. Poulter  3.  Homer Torres


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