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When is discrimination ethical? When it is practiced at Shell.


Safety is #1! Goal zero!  Life Saving Rules!  I’m an executive and I talk out my ass!

When is discrimination ethical?  When it is practiced at Shell.

As a 22-year employee white male hetrosexual with a graduate degree in environmental science at Shell I hate to say it but I would not do it all over again.  How I wish I had taken the Exxon offer when I graduated.  However, if you are gay or minority and/or female (bonus points!) with no experience, no or very little education, (not required!) I would highly suggest that you apply immediately. You could be my boss. In fact, you are my boss.

First, there is no career ladder for HSE professionals at Shell. That leaves plenty of room for discrim…I mean, the holy grail of every business, no, not profit you sexist racist…diversity!

What little opportunity there is to advance is given to unqualified climbers. The unwritten rule: white hetrosexual male health, safety or environmental professionals, you do the work but don’t expect advancement .  We have the positions but the company insists that skin color or sexual preference is more important than competency. Oh, and when the regulators arrive, save those emails from the boss!  You will still be scapegoated but at least you will win your lawsuit and get your job back after your boss has been promoted or cashes out. What HSE VP just got a package after losing 2 employee lawsuits over ethics violations?  Oh?  He didn’t lose his job!  How interesting.

I was so proud to get a Shell offer 22 years ago.  It WAS the best and the brightest.  Now?  There might be one Certified Safety Professional in our entire division. At least my incompetent boss has a bright future.

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