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Donovan email to Gavin White, Shell International Limited: 10 March 2010

Dear Mr White

We safety received the Shell internal documents/emails and your covering letters, all delivered to us by motorbike messenger on Monday evening.

With reference to the documents and emails, we note that Shell has changed the method of censoring the information so that we sometimes have some visual clue to which parts have been removed. However, the censor appears to have got carried away with one Shell internal email, where even the date has been deleted.

All we can see is:

Subject: Re:

Donovan has posted a message that                                                      . There is no truth to this.


seems to have given rise to speculation among staff, and this is what Donovan seems to have picked up.


Bearing in mind that in answer to our SAR applications, Shell has supplied us with documents and emails stretching back into the 1990’s, it would be helpful if you would supply a date so that we can try to deduce the subject matter and therefore have the opportunity to correct any mistake regarding information attributed to us.

We also note that Shell is now camouflaging the uncensored text in an apparent effort to prevent copying and publication on the Internet. The censorship, camouflage and related cover-up tactics all designed to defeat transparency, are of course directly at odds with Shell’s claimed core business principles.

With regard to the Shell spying operation involving our website and over 100,000 Shell employees, I see that Shell (I assume Richard Wiseman) contacted the UK police on 10 December 2009 offering to ensure that “… enquiries are dealt with expeditiously”.

On the same subject (Shell Corporate Affairs Security spying), the following are extracts from email correspondence involving Shell and an unidentified person/party posing questions on the matter.

Some extracts:

Undated email with no information about sender or recipient (censored):

One email dated June this year appears to show Shell asked a privately funded anti-fraud agency, NCFTA, to target Donovan. Could you please comment?

Dated email with no information about identity of sender or recipient (censored)

Tuesday 1st December 2009
Subject: ncfta


The first email in the attachment appears to show a Shell employee asked NCFTA to monitor Donovan. I guess my questions are:

Are the emails attached genuine.
Did a Shell employee have discussions with National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance regarding Donovan
Did Shell give funds to NCFTA to target Donovan/Royaldutchshellplc?
What did Shell want the NCFTA to do to Donovan?

Separately, Donovan says another email released by Shell has a Shell employee telling Fox News in March 2007 that “royaldutchshell is an excellent source of group news and comment and I recommend it above what our own group internal comms puts out”

Thank you


Can you please let us have a date for the first email and any comment you wish to make on the emails relating to CAS/NCFTA?

Being the target of Shell’s “invisible” investigations, we would certainly like to know the answers to these questions.


John Donovan


Date: 11 March 2010 14:22:41 GMT
Subject: RE: Shell internal docs/comms supplied 8 March 2010

Dear Mr Donovan,

Thank you for acknowledging safe receipt of our response to your father’s Subject Access Request.

The original email quoted in your message below contains information that relates to and indentifies third parties and has been redacted in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner to protect the identity of such third parties. The date of the email has also been redacted as, in connection with other information in your possession, it might have enabled you to identify other individuals.

I note your comment regarding the form in which the material has been provided to you. As you may be aware, the Act requires the data controller who has received a Subject Access Request to provide the data subject with a copy of the relevant information “in permanent form”, unless the supply of such a copy is not possible or would involve disproportionate effort or the data subject agrees otherwise. By supplying you with a paper copy of the material containing your personal data we have complied with the requirements of the Act.

Richard Wiseman

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Royal Dutch Shell plc
Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA

Registered in England and Wales number 4366849
Registered Office:  Shell Centre, London, SE1
Headquarters: Carel van Bylandtlaan 30, 2596 HR
The Hague, The Netherlands

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