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Shell continues to wreck lives, act unethical and bulldoze people


May you please tell this story to the world, of how Shell continues to wreck lives, act unethical and bulldoze people. I have had this story a number of times but never believed it, cause I am part of this company but I have since seen the light.

It is common to hear that Shell doesnt need to be in South Africa because in fact we might pull out as we did in Ethiopia, Swaziland, Moz, Zim, … you get the picture. We are consolidating and looking more into our Upstream business as opposed to Downstream, hence the recent massive job cuts of downstream business.

Before we go further, I’d like to thank the Donovans for you are giving people a voice, may you put some focus on this one because it is a hot potato for the local Shell bosses.

In 2004 Shell initiated The Shell Retailer Development Programme, see attachment. 10 people were recruited into the Programme. Sowetan and Metro FM ran a story on this back in 2005 after their graduation.

What happened since then:
Two of the trainees you see on the picture have yet to own a Shell Service Station, 5 years after they graduated, one of them has been offered R100k to walk away, the other one is in the process of “obtaining” a service station, after 5 years.

Five have lost their businesses, all in one year (2009) Shell said these guys stole its money, it was appalling they way it was handled, Witness Mahlangu, the Project Manager went about the corridors telling colleagues how stupid and useless the BEE candidates were and he has a mandate from his leadership to terminate them. Shell has since made an out of court settlement with one (Durban High Court), the other 4 are in big s***, some of them went to the Department of Energy and to Luthili House but to no avail. Remember who owns Shell SA Marketing (it is an empowered company)
Only three are surviving, just surviving.

In 2006 Shell went on to recruit 10 more candidates (advertisements on the Sunday Times in) and this lot graduated in 2007.

What happened since then:

None of the TEN is running a Shell Service Station, in fact Shell is offering them R100k to walk away, after 3 years of waiting, lies, deception and corruption.

Mark Cookson, a senior manager at Shell said in August 2009 at Inanda Hotel at a Shell Conference ” BEE candidates will continue to receive support from Shell as long as they are cluster potential retailers” he further said ” The Shell Global approach is to exit any market where we are not No.1 or No.2, so we are reassessing our position in SA”

We as black employees in the company often wonder where Bonang Mohale is or the Department of Energy/ Department of Trade & Industry/ COSATU/ ANC/ Public Protector?

Apparently these candidates worked as pump attendants prior to joining the Programme, nor wonder the first group failed and they don’t want to go on about the second group.

Is it that these BEE candidates are sacrificial lambs in the race to be BEE compliant?

I would like the South African Media to investigate and tell the world about Shell in SA, in fact I challenge the ANC leadership of condemning and correcting this. What is R100k, for three years waiting and toiling, no I am not proud to be associated with this company.

I suggest that a pressure group gets formed before the World Cup so that Shell is shamed in front of the world, at some stage in our new democracy we need to stand up against bullies like Shell and this is it.

For more on the Shell DNA please go to

Shell SA Employee

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