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Royal Dutch Shell head spinning mismanagement

Peoples heads have been spinning so much from changes in the past 15 years they don’t even know what their job scope is anymore!

Series of Shell Blog postings by “Uncle Tom” on Mar 30th, 2010

Shell Management . . . . . .

In years past Shell looked at the long “cycles” in the business. Staying diversified meant when one part of the business wasn’t doing well, the other side of the business was. Being diversified kept the Company afloat.

Today’s Management Philosophy is a short term 1 to 2 year focus period, if results are not achieved in that short span of time, make changes quickly and expect better results. Change, change, change, change.

Peoples heads have been spinning so much from changes in the past 15 years they don’t even know what their job scope is anymore!

No Company will ever be successful with this type of Management Philosophy. But seems people running this Company for the last several years can’t see that?

Shell Management . . . . .

How about this statement from a few years ago. We’ll pay average salary for our people, but expect top results.

Hmmm, I’ve seen the people we hired in the last decade, not quite the Top Talent out there, the Top Talent has been hired by the Companies paying the Top Salaries!

So we’ve hired average talent in the last decade, and we’re finishing up the process by laying off experienced (aged) talent. Now where will that leave us?

But we can expect better results . . . right?

Expect and Attain don’t mean the same thing in my book!

Shell Management . . . . . .

Reducing Costs . . . . (at least where they say to!)
What a Joke ! Wish I Could Laugh About It ! But Its Not Funny.

Lets start with these “Preferred Vendors”.

Companies that “partner” with Shell to sell us their products and services at a “preferred” price (Shell thought that meant lower?) so that we don’t have to go to other Companies (usually called COMPETITION) to buy these items.

How many items are we overpaying for? ALL of them!
We create books of documents for some of the simplest purchased items and wonder why we pay 2X, 3X, 4X, or more for that product. Its this way from office supplies to production equipment to contract labor and services.

The only “preferred” part of these deals are the Companies collecting these premium prices for all these items.

Now when someone at a location tries to buy the same item for an advertised cheaper price, what do you think happens? The Purchasing Nazi come out and fight diligently to prevent that from happening, because somewhere up the ladder someone else made that sweet deal and might be benefitting from that agreement.

How about a game of Golf? Dinner? Oops

I have personally seen 25 cent items purchased for $1.25, other items for $2.25 purchased for $6.00 and was frowned upon and fought against to stick up for what I knew was right (and wrong).

Now can you imagine in the entire Shell Company how much that would add up to at that magnified expense!

That my friend, is just the tip of the iceberg of things like that. Waste and Greed

And my last comment for Today . . . . .

Shell is/was a good Company with a lot of good hard working people.

Unfortunately in today’s world, there are also a lot of useless unworthy people in the organization too, and with today’s short term focus (I want results now!), things won’t change for the better anytime soon.

A strong house is built upon a strong foundation and plans, and ours have been crumbling for some time now.

Hope it gets better . . . . . eventually!


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