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Mixed up and agitated about Shell, Hitler and dodgy diesel

Although we try to make it plain that this is not the official Royal Dutch Shell Plc website, it is evident from this email, received earlier today, that we need to try harder.

To spare any embarrassment, the senders name and email address have been removed.

Firstly; what the hell is going on with the swashtica ( spelt wrong I know) on your home page and then contact us page shows hitler- whats that all about ?

My main reason for contacting shell is this- I have been travelling and mainly living in Eastern Europe for past 2 years and used my car for most trips all over Europe and back to the UK.

I always try to use shell for obvious reasons but you need to know something that is affecting and will seriously affect your business/reputation if you do nothing about it and that is- what your employees are putting into your fuel- mainly the diesel.

If you have not got a clue then be aware- very aware- as you have cost me over £2000 on an engine repair that I can prove if I want to- as I have all the parts etc- and have taken diesel samples from a number of your garages- tested them in a UK lab- and the results are startling to say the least.

I use SHELL because  I am british etc and dont expect you guys to follow the likes of Lukoil ( I have tested these also)- I hope you understand what I mean here !!!!!!

Please take this seriously as I will be- as I am a registered IFA in the UK and I need to be placated in the correct manner or I will be like a dog with a bone and not let this rest- please believe me on this.

I am mainly talking about Bulgaria and Romania and you are mainly causing problems to common rail diesel engines of which a couple of petrol stations such as EKO and Rompetrol are playing ball by not using so much shit in their fuels but the rest like you are taking the piss.

Sorry about my descent into swearing there but I am very angry and therefore please do not underestimate my intentions. I have the back up of not only tests but mechanics,lawyers and I.T. professionals who are clients of mine who would love to get their hands on the info. I have picked up over past 12 months.

Yours in anticipation

ps; I do not need to do this but go and test your diesel at Shumen, Bulgaria and we will go from there- its a bloody disgrace- that is costing your good name. Dont forget that the fuel from Burgas has been certificated as perfect and then when it is transported……….. the idiots get to work !!


That email from the irate British motorist gave me a good belly laugh. What the Hell IS going on ????  Will RD Shell management kindly explain ???? And by the way, Shell’s diesel fuel sucks !!!! Hello, Hello ???? Is anyone minding the store at RD Shell ?????  Does anyone at RD Shell care ????

This fellow should switch to vegetable oil. I am certain it would work better.

It is clear now that your ‘unique’ banner is causing confusion and consternation amongst the general public of the WORLD. Clearly, you are a major PR nightmare for RD Shell.

And what are those ‘geniuses’ in RD Shell management doing about it ? Sucking their thumbs, picking their noses, and scratching their backsides from what I can tell. Where is all that legal intellectual horse power they pay a small  fortune for annually ??

Life is so unfair, and those ‘gentlemen’ (I use that word loosely) seem to be at a loss at what to do about all of this. Got a suggestion – Clean up your frigging act !!!! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this would solve their problem.


Shell FuelSave reminiscent of Formula Shell debacle: 23 July 2010

Shell gasoline debacles: 24 July 2010

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