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Royal Dutch Shell defamation controversy

Comment by a former employee of Shell Oil USA on Dr Huong controversy


Re: Your articles on Dr. John Huong.

How in Perdition’s good name do the Malaysian courts think that they have legal jurisdiction over what is published on your website? What the Devil is that BS all about?

Furthermore, in the UK RD Shell must prove their case in court and obtain a similar form of court order against Dr. Huong and you in order to prevent Dr. Huong from speaking out publicly, and you from publishing his comments. Without such a court order Dr. Huong and you both have your legally well protected rights of freedom of speech given that Dr. Huong no longer works for RD Shell.

I can only presume that RD Shell’s failure to seek, let alone obtain such a court order, means that senior management and their lapdog attorneys decided that such an exercise would have been both foolish and completely futile given that they don’t (yet) have the power to corrupt the British courts.

I don’t know that criminal charges were brought against RD Shell or Shell management w/ regard to their reserves scandal but they should have been. That fraud was long running and approved at the highest levels of RD Shell management, including Shell USA management. Phony and inflated reserve bookings were a problem at Shell USA 20 years ago. I am only surprised it took until 2004 for the ‘chickens to come home to roost’.

My sympathies to Dr. Huong and his family. They have been done a great injustice by what amounts to an RD Shell internal management ‘crime syndicate’.

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