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The Pipe Movie Trailer

Hi John,

‘The Pipe’ is showing at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California at the moment:

It will get a great profile in the US especially due to the Gulf of Mexico disaster, could you possibly post the Palm Springs Festival link and embed the trailer?


In a remote corner of the West of Ireland sits Broadhaven Bay. It is the perfect picture postcard, where the high cliffs of Erris Head and the Stags of Broadhaven stand sentry at the mouth of the bay against the mighty Atlantic, as if protecting the delicate golden sands of Glengad beach and the tiny village of Rossport, which nestles behind the dunes. However, this peaceful tranquility belies the turmoil that lies beneath, and the unique nature of the coastline which has sustained generations of farmers and fishermen, has also delivered to Shell Oil the perfect landfall for the Corrib Gas Pipeline.

‘The Pipe’ follows 3 members of this small community from a quiet rural life to the arrival of Shell into their community, and the fear and anxiety which the impending project brings. Not only are they flung into a tumultuous struggle with Shell and the state, but they are also forced to battle with elements within their own campaign who seek to divide and control, as their community is torn apart by the stresses of choosing to support or oppose the oil company. Yet, despite the seriousness of the events surrounding them, their resilience and humanity never wains, and even in their darkest moments their wit and humour has an uncanny ability to counter the despair.

In the most dramatic clash of cultures in modern Ireland, the rights of farmers over their fields, and of fishermen to their fishing grounds, has come in direct conflict with one of the worlds most powerful oil companies. When the citizens look to their state to protect their rights, they find that the state has put Shell’s right to lay a pipeline over their own.

The Pipe is a story of a community tragically divided, and how they deal with a pipe that could bring economic prosperity or destruction of a way of life shared for generations.

**** 4 Stars – The Irish Times

**** 4 Stars – The Irish Independent

VARIETY “stirring… astute… first-rate”
SCREEN DAILY “provocative… challenging… engrossing”
TIME OUT “compelling… startlingly honest”

Risteard Ó Domhnaill (Director of ‘The Pipe’) and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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