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Whistleblower Dr John Huong on Shell’s North Sea safety record

By John Donovan

We have hundreds of emails received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) during the many years when he was prohibited by the Malaysian courts from supplying information to us for publication.

This was part of the draconian defamation proceedings and related multiple injunctions brought against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of articles published on this website. He was also under threat of imprisonment for alleged contempt of court, again in relation to information published on this website.

Since Shell has now settled the actions (we knew they would never let the case go to trial), we are free to publish for the first time, comments we received from Dr Huong in the form of emails during the long years of litigation. Knowing Dr Huong, we are sure he has no objection to us putting into the public domain information, which at that time, was prohibited from publication under penalty of his imprisonment.

Email received from Dr John Huong; 26 November 2007 20:26:10 GMT

Subject: What Mr. Bill Campbell at www.royaldutchshellplc have done to inform stakeholders on Health, Safety, Security and Environmental issues

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good day.

It is very interesting to note from today’s (25 Nov. 2007) article “BBC News: Scots should handle oil safety: *safer than leaving it to Shell which puts production and profit before employee lives” to note the reality that exists in Shell Practices as recorded – unfortunately negative!

Here are the chronological events over the HSE issues.

Around 17 August 2005, Dr John Huong, is in correspondence with the Scottish Authorities and has offered to give evidence to the recently announced Brent Bravo Public Inquiry into the deaths of two Shell employees on the Brent Bravo oil platform.

On 18th March 2007, a Wall Street Journal carried an article where guests on Live Chat had accused you of making monies out of the unfortunate Shell Management over safety issues and at the same time they had vigorously tried to demean Mr. Bill Campbell and all those allegations were put clearly in correct perspective by you.

On 4th May 2007. two guests at Live Chat had seriously accused you of a smear campaign against Shell and that needed to be stopped at

On 24 July 2007, the matter of HSE became so serious because Shell is in a denial that the Former Shell International Group Auditor, Bill Campbell takes action against Shell before the Members of the British Parliament.

On 22 Nov 2007, the Guardian reported “More than half of North Sea oil rigs fail safety checks”

Unfortunately, days later on 25 November 2007, BBC reported a very serious fire on a North Sea oil platform with 159 people on board were evacuated from the Thistle Alpha platform after smoke and flames were seen… Was this platform one of those that had failed safety checks? This is bad enough if it was on the list of failing the checks and is deemed even very much more serious if it was not on the list!

This only shows that the famous Shell site, the was correct all along with respect to informing Shell’s stakeholders on the pervasive erosion of Shell top management for failing to walk the talk concerning Shell General Business Principles and to institute discipline at workplace.  Shell has a way of killing the messenger like Mr. Bill Campbell.  However, the current employees have only nice words for a professional who cares for their lives in service proving a Mr. Bill Freeman very wrong in his assessment of Mr. Bill Campbell.

Thank you

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Extract from: Investor advice from a Shell insider of almost 30 years


Investors – “You cannot be sure of Shell” growing your funds. Potential employees – do not trust your career and aspirations to Shell until you understand the true inside story. If Shell is unwilling to undergo radical change at every level in the organization for the better, Shell’s negative and evil ingrained cultures will ultimately destroy the little which remains of its former reputation.

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