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Hollow words in the oil industry: ‘we are committed to safety’


You may be interested in this article from today’s Aberdeen Press and Journal

For many years now we have heard the phrase “we are committed to safety”  What exactly does this mean?  Is it to pacify the readers of various media reports or do the Companies who utter such statements really understand the meaning they infer.  Perhaps we can revisit what these statements mean,  maybe not what the dictionary defines!


The dictionary relates these words to: be responsible for,  engage in, enact, accomplish and be responsible for,  obligation and duty,  liability  etc etc.

What hollow words we in the Oil Industry know these to be,  time and time the Oil Industry are seen to be in violation of the Standards that are trotted out to the Regulators and the Media.  It is only when they are caught red handed we hear these words  again and again.

Today’s Aberdeen Press and Journal highlights yet another disgraceful state of affairs, not only on one drilling rig, but the entire fleet of Transocean drilling rigs in the UK sector.  The question now left hanging is,  what about the rest of the world wide Transocean fleet?  The odds are just the same.

Shell use this contractor all over the globe and we know that the recent near disaster of the Transocean  drilling rig,  Sedco 711 in the North Sea was subjected to an attempted cover up by Shell which failed.  Yet another example of the Brinded TFA approach?

Time for Regulators world wide to take off the gloves and put an end to the continued application of the blind eye approach to Big Oil and hit them hard where it hurts, in the pocket.  Perhaps a few prosecutions of Company Directors would end this nonsense for ever.

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