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Shell false claims over FuelSave featured on BBC TV Watchdog programme

By John Donovan

For getting on to a hundred years, Shell has claimed that its petrol is better quality and delivers more miles per gallon than rival brands, as per the example of one such advert from October 1925.

Fortunately for Shell, there was no UK Advertising Standards Authority in existence to rule on whether such claims were justified.

Now Shell’s false advertising claims are regularly exposed by Advertising Standards Authorities in the UK and overseas.

Printed below is a transcript of a feature on the BBC TV flagship consumer programme “Watchdog” broadcast last night – at 8pm on 20 October 2011.

The feature was preceded by a trailer by the main presenter Anne Robinson during the opening segment, with a picture of a Shell FuelSave advert.

“Still to come. Shell has claimed its fuel offered drivers big savings.

O no it doesn’t!“

Later segment by Chris Hollings

Now looking forward to making big savings with Shell’s FuelSave unleaded?

It’s not going to happen!

(Picture of Shell logo at petrol station)

The oil giant has been ticked-off for bigging up the effects of its petrol in a print and radio ad earlier this year.

One featured a man dressed in a lab coat holding a measuring glass with a promise that drivers could save up to one litre per tank at no extra cost.

(Screenshot shown from Shell FuelSave webpage featuring FuelSave advert)

Shell argued that its tests showed that its fuels achieved a 2% saving more than 10% of the time but the Advertising Standards Authority said it had exaggerated the effects and banned the ads for being misleading.

On a brighter note for the company its second quarter profits are up 77% this year. It made 4.9 billion pounds in just 4 months, which works out at nearly 54 million pounds every day.

Ponder that while your filling up.


Shell FuelSave reminiscent of Formula Shell debacle

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