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When will Royal Dutch Shell apologize to the Jews?

The Sun newspaper published an article horrifically confirming, following a DNA test, that a lampshade bought at a New Orleans car boot sale is made from human skin. A gruesome relic from Nazi crimes against humanity in the 2nd World War. As the main financier of the Nazis, does Royal Dutch Shell bear any moral (or legal) responsibility for the crimes of Hitler and his equally evil henchmen?

By John Donovan

Yesterday, after 70 years, Norway apologized for the deportation of 773 Jews from Nazi occupied Norway during World War 2.  The majority were shipped to concentration camps and only 34 survived. See news report below.

Royal Dutch Shell has much more to apologize for about its Nazi past.

Shell and its Nazi leader Sir Henri Deterding, conspired directly with Hitler, financed Nazi Germany, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis.

In March 2011, the chief corporate lawyer at Royal Dutch Shell threatened us with legal proceedings in relationship to this sensitive subject.  We are still waiting for Shell to take any action.

The world is still waiting for an apology from Shell.


Shell boasted about the money it pumped into Nazi Germany

Royal Dutch Shell and the lampshades made from HUMAN SKIN

Royal Dutch Shell four day meeting directly with Hitler: 7 March 2011

Adolf Hitler thanks Sir Henri Deterding for donation of a million reichs-marks

Royal Dutch Shell founder Deterding backed Nazi Stormtroopers

Sir Henri Deterding of Shell donated millions of dollars in food to Nazi Germany

Evidence that Royal Dutch Shell financed fascist death squads

Tainted history of the iconic Shell scallop logo

A History of Royal Dutch Shell Volume 1 (38 pages) HD 600 dpi

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Norway apologizes to Jews

AFP January 28, 2012 3:14 AM

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on Friday apologized for Norway’s deportations of Jews during the Second World War

“Without relieving the Nazis of their responsibility, it is time for us to acknowledge that Norwegian policemen and other Norwegians took part in the arrest and deportation of Jews,” Stoltenberg said.

“Today, I feel it is fitting for me to express our deepest apologies that this could happen on Norwegian soil,” the prime minister added, standing on the exact spot where 532 Jews boarded the cargo ship Donau to be taken to the concentration camps.

After Nazi troops invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, it was ruled by a collaborationist government headed by Vidkun Quisling, whose name has since been synonymous with “traitor.”

About 772 Jews were deported from Nazi-occupied Norway during the war. Only 34 of them survived.

“The murders were unquestionably carried out by the Nazis,” Stoltenberg said, “but it was Norwegians who carried out the arrests, it was Norwegians who drove the trucks … and it happened in Norway.”

“No one, no individual, no minority, should have to live in fear in this country.”

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