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NIGERIA: Power Play and Game of Chess between NECONDE, SHELL and NPDC

FROM THE DELTA RIGHTS GROUP: Subsequently, we will expose NESTOIL’s underhand deals with SHELL NIGERIA, their running Contracts with SHELL, the Contract Numbers, how they used links and connections to secure them, the in-house SHELL SCM (Contracting personnel) and other SHELL personnel giving them information so as to gain undue advantage in order for NESTOIL to win the so-called Competitive Tendering done by SHELL, etc

Dear John,


What manner of a ‘so-called’ responsible Company will tie the payment of Death Benefits of a late staff to his family, to the signing of Letter of Cessation of employment by other personnel? For anything, what has happened to Corporate Social Responsibility? NECONDE is just showing its avarice and meanness towards its personnel. This is the height of insensitivity, callousness, subtle blackmail, oppression, lack of respect for the dead, compounding the sorrows of the late personnel’s bereaved family, etc. And this is what NECONDE (made up of NestOil, Folawiyo and BB Global) is doing to the family of Late Mr.Daniel Anyanwu who slumped and died as a result of mental and psychological trauma caused by his loss of job due to the power play and game of Chess between NECONDE, SHELL and NPDC . As at today, April 28, 2012: The family of the late staff is still being starved of their benefits by NECONDE due to the refusal of the NECONDE 115 to sign the Letter of Cessation of Employment with NECONDE. The Letter of Cessation of Employment is a calculated attempt by NECONDE to ensure that the NECONDE 115 give up their rights.

NECONDE has insisted that the money won’t be paid until all the staff sign the Letter of Cessation of Employment which a majority of them have refused to sign. As at the last count, only 14 personnel had signed out of 114 personnel. The 14 personnel who signed have been offered job offers by NECONDE, a ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic to weaken the collective resolve of the Group. This is April 28, and the employees haven’t been paid their March salaries. They are not even sure whether April salary will come and who will pay amongst the Chess players – NECONDE, SHELL, NPDC, etc.

Link to NECONDE in the News:

NECONDE is a Consortium made up of NESTOIL, Folawiyo and BB Global. These are the people behind NECONDE, why won’t they want to impoverish their workers? They have been milking the Nation over the years and would stop at nothing for it to continue. Other Companies (ConOil, FHN, etc) signified interest in different OML’s being sold by SHELL, when they saw some signs, they decided to wait to ensure that the ambiguities were cleared first, but NECONDE went ahead irrespective of the signs. Now, they don’t want to pay workers salaries. It is because of NECONDE hurriedly signing the SPA that the NECONDE 115 are in this problem. By now, they would still be  in SHELL, received salary increment for 2012, paid from January till date, paid Housing and Power Allowances, including Generator Allowances, Promotions, etc. Whereas, they haven’t received anything from NECONDE. Yet, NECONDE put them in this situation by rushing to sign the SPA without due diligence (SPA – Sales and Purchase Agreement)

Fuel Subsidy and ‘The Cabal’ in Nigeria

In Nigeria, some people termed the ‘Cabal’ have been feeding fat off the nation’s resources and impoverishing the masses over the years. The Cabal includes those who lift petroleum products, those who sabotage the nation’s refineries ensuring they are always comatose and those who ensure that we don’t have constant power supply so they can continue importing generators into the country.

Folawiyo Group falls into the group that lift petroleum products, collect subsidy money for no job done and feed fat from the nation’s resources and further impoverish the masses. NESTOIL exploits its closeness to the seat of power to milk the nation and enrich itself. This has been going on for many years now.

Recently, the House of Representatives in Nigeria verified actual subsidy requirements and monitored the implementation of subsidy regime in Nigeria, and this implicated a lot of parties, including NNPC, DPR, PPPRA, Independent Petroleum marketers which Folawiyo, OandO, MRS, CONOIL, etc fall under. Folawiyo and Group has been ordered to refund the sum of NGN113.3Bln to the Nigerian Treasury (House of Representatives Report attached – FINAL-SUBSIDY-REPORT). Page 140, S/N 15 in the List of Companies that received questionable Subsidy payments.

Let’s discuss the roles these companies have played in milking the Nation over the years…

1. FOLAWIYO GROUP: Implicated in the attached Report (See Page 140, S/N 15) for 41,974,360.00 Liters of PMS amounting to NGN113.3 Billion, and the Date of Discharge of product was 23/10/11.

Other members of the Fuel Subsidy Cabal found to have milked the Nation are listed below with the amount against them. Most of these Companies are owned by Government officials, politicians and influential Nigerians. The same set of people who have been recycling themselves, their kids, family members, friends and cronies to rape the Nation of her resources and revenue since Independence till date.

Folawiyo Oil (#3 in the List) milked the Nation of N113.3 billion.

1) Oando Nigeria Plc (N228.506 billion)
2) MRS (N224.818 billion)
3) Folawiyo Oil (N113.3 billion)
4) AP (N104.5 billion)
5) Obat (N85 billion)
6) Atio Oil (N64.4billion)
7) Con Oil (N37.96 billion)
8)Integrated Oil and Gas Plc (N30 billion)
9) ACON (N24.1 billion)
10) Capital Oil (N22.4 billion)
11) Enak Oil & Gas (N19.684 billion)
12) Emac Oil (N19.2 billion)
13) D.Jones Oil (N14.8 billion)
14) Honey Well (N12.2 billion)
15) AMP (N11.4 billion)
16) IPMAN Investment Limited (N10.9 billion)
17) Bovas & Co. Nig Ltd (N5.685 billion)

Links to substantiate this Story about Folawiyo Group of Companies:

2. NESTOIL: NESTOIL is using their links and contacts with the Presidency to milk the nation. It was this same connection with the Presidency that NESTOIL used in acquiring OML42. OML42 acquisition has been messy from the onset, riddled with lots of sleaze, lies, deceit, trickery and falsehoods. A lot of Companies showed interest in its acquisition, but NESTOIL used its links to snatch it and brought in other co-conspirators (like Folawiyo) to join in further raping the Nation. That will be the subject of another petition in the nearest future.

Link to the messy nature of OML42 Divestment:

Subsequently, we will expose NESTOIL’s underhand deals with SHELL NIGERIA, their running Contracts with SHELL, the Contract Numbers, how they used links and connections to secure them, the in-house SHELL SCM (Contracting personnel) and other SHELL personnel giving them information so as to gain undue advantage in order for NESTOIL to win the so-called Competitive Tendering done by SHELL, etc.

It is because of NESTOIL’s vested interests in SHELL and NNPC that is making NESTOIL to not want to rock the boat in order not to be at loggerheads with SHELL and NNPC, hence, they want to sacrifice the NECONDE 115 to keep the relationship going for more juicy Contracts in the future (from SHELL and NNPC)

NESTOIL was earlier petitioned to the Presidency (see the link below for the full petition to the Presidency), and till date, nothing came out of it. We are going to bring it up and other sleaze perpetrated by NESTOIL, and expose them to the whole world.

The Allegations against NESTOIL:

i. ‘NESTOIL PLC has never built any gas pipeline and has no experience of building any gas pipeline’ yet, was given a Contract based on past experience.

What past experience???

ii. ‘The pipeline that NESTOIL PLC is currently building for SPDC is an oil pipeline which was awarded in 2007 and was due to be completed in Q1 2009 at a cost of $100,000,000.00 as of today the pipeline is yet to be completed and the project has been varied to more than $230,000,000.00 and still rising in cost. BPP should investigate this (as it constitutes a massive fraud on its own)’

iii. ‘NESTOIL PLC is not mobilized in the area in any way. The only project they are executing at the moment (mentioned above) is in Bayelsa State (two States away and 300km from Abia State, where Alaoji Power Station is located)’

iv. ‘There is no track record of gas pipeline delivery by NESTOIL PLC’

v. ‘And NGC on a routine check with SPDC got a damming report from the OIC, but was instructed by the same GED G&P (Mr. V. Mukoro) to ‘Step it down’ i.e bury it’

Technically, this contract is flawed. The18-inch gas supply in question is to come off the old 12-inch Imo River-Aba gas pipeline. This does not make any technical sense, viz:

i. ‘180inch line is being built to take gas from the existing 12-inch line. The 12-inch line is a low pressure (LP) line built in the 1960s to deliver gas to Aba industries (Aba Textile Mills , Nigerian Breweries, International Equitable Industries). This line is an LP line and is very old with suspect integrity’

ii. ‘The power station requires higher pressure to operate and the quantity of gas from the old line will not suffice for the requirement.

iii. This is clearly an attempt to deceive Mr. President that this project will make a difference for the power plant’



It is now clear that the only reason NESTOIL PLC was singled out for an ‘arranged Contract Award’ is to ensure that there is no completion that will bring value to NNPC. It is a known fact that the GED G & P is a sponsor of NESTOIL PLC and has consistently defied all rules and decorum to ensure that due process is not followed in the award, in order to make sure that it is awarded to NESTOIL PLC at an uncompetitive price, citing pressure from the presidency as his reasons’

Also the boasting by Chairman of NESTOIL PLC that he is ‘deep inside Presidency ‘ and that his brother, who is a Special Assistant to Mr. President (CHIEF AKACHUKWU NWANKPO), represents the President in all matters pertaining to GAS and POWER.

Links to substantiate this story about NESTOIL:

Kindly help to tell the whole world how these members of the Cabal are milking Nigeria and Nigerians, and depriving the people the benefits of their God-given resources. Nigeria is supposed to be a Paradise on earth considering her huge material and human resources, but these people are bent on Nigeria not working so they can continue in their greedy ways…


Delta Rights Group.


Shell accused of deceit, trickery and fraud by a group of over 100 former employees

Nigerian Delta Rights Group of over 100 aggrieved former Shell employees and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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