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Shell’s ‘crimes against humanity’


I have been reading with some interest your main-stream media posts and the accompanying discussions in your blog regarding Shell’s complicity with the Nigerian government (or the Nigerian governments complicity with Shell) in the obvious political repression that occurred in the Ogoni tribal region. There was political repression, torture of dissidents, murder, rape, etc., all intended to intimidate and cow the Ogoni into ‘acceptance’ of the ‘pillaging’ of the natural resources found on and under Ogoni tribal lands. Furthermore, the resulting environmental damage has severely inhibited the traditional methods by which the Ogoni provided for themselves through fishing and farming, etc.

To a degree there are a number of parallels between the conduct of the Nigerian government and Shell against the Ogoni, and the way the Soviets treated the Ukrainian Cossacks (Kulaks) in the 1920’s. No rational person could convincingly argue against the notion that Stalin was a brutal dictator and that his policies, which led to perhaps 20 million deaths in his own country, did not constitute ‘crimes against humanity’. The man was a mass murderer.

Now, if we fast forward to today and look at what is happening in Syria it is obvious that Syria leadership is engaged in wholesale political repression, which includes torture, murder, rape, etc. No rational person could argue against the notion that the Syrian government, upon orders of its dictatorial leader, is engaged in ‘crimes against humanity’. Assad is likewise a mass murder. His ordered actions have simply not killed as many people as Stalin or Hitler, etc., did. He would completely depopulate Syria if he did. But there is no doubt that the man is a thug and a butcher.

So, if we revisit the situation in Nigeria, past and present, we must come to the same conclusion about the Nigerian government, and its various leaders, with regard to their treatment of the Ogoni’s. Furthermore, Royal Dutch Shell was an active partner/ co-conspirator and instigator. This conduct by Royal Dutch Shell is really no different than IG Farben’s conduct during WWII.

From what I know about Royal Dutch Shell, and I know a fair amount given that I once worked for the outfit, it is clear to me that Royal Dutch Shell  leadership should be held accountable for their complicity in what are clearly premeditated ‘crimes against humanity’. Management at Royal Dutch Shell clearly has a neo-colonial attitude when dealing with peoples of the third world, their only goal being to make as much money as quickly as possible, and give as little as possible back to the people whose resources they are plundering. It is a classic f*** you, rape, ruin and run philosophy, and so very typical of the oil industry.

I, for one, am delighted to see that the US Supreme Court is going to take up the matter. They can then take up the matter of Royal Dutch Shell’s conduct in Brazil regarding pesticide production and pollution.

It is high time Royal Dutch Shell management be held accountable for their conduct.

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