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Digital assault on Shell

By John Donovan

The Financial Times has published an article under the headline “How Shell was hijacked in ad hoax.


It is part of a web campaign jointly orchestrated by environmental group Greenpeace, activist organisation Yes Lab and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement to rally against Shell’s Arctic drilling programme.

The digital assault is a new type of internet campaigning. Rather than staging a protest, activist groups hijack brands and harness social media to derail a company’s image. “We’re only beginning to understand how much social media can change our society,” says James Turner of Greenpeace USA.

The article ends with an apparent threat of retribution attributed to Andrew Gilman, chief executive of crisis communications group CommCore Consulting.

But if it is war, and all is fair in love and war, then keep doing this.”

Perhaps Mr Gilman is unaware that unconventional hostilities, including sinister underhand activity by Shell against Greenpeace and other perceived green enemies of Shell, actually commenced over a decade ago. See: MI6 ‘firm’ spied on green group

I am sure Shell will not get excited about some fakery bearing in mind its own track record of falsifying proven hydrocarbon reserves and safety records on North Sea Oil Rigs.

IS IT FAKE OR REAL: Let’s Go! Arctic Ready campaign and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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