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Shell management: thugs in suits


On Shell’s website you will find the statement:

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. With around 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries and territories, Shell helps to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Why do I find this statement hard to swallow and take at face value ???  What utter CRAP.

Let’s get real people. Shell (and the oil industry in general) is in the business of natural resource EXPLOITATION. The oil industry is a ‘rape, ruin, and run’ industry. And don’t try to tell me otherwise. I have worked in it for over 25 years, in the US and many countries overseas.

As a company Shell management’s primary goal is and always has been to make money, and as much of it as they can, and as cheaply as they can. That is really all they care about. They don’t give a crap about the environment or the damage their exploitation activities cause, socially or environmentally. Their business is PROFIT. Pure, plain and simple. The industry’s ‘touchy, feely, we are good corporate citizens’ PR campaigns are so much ‘bull’ and window dressing for a gullible press, public, etc.

If Shell (and the industry in general) was truly environmentally and socially responsible they wouldn’t be flaring god only knows how many bcf of methane a day in Nigeria, and god knows how many thousands of bbls of condensate along with that methane. What a frigging waste of resources !!! And Shell could give a fat rat’s rear end what sort of environmental impact this flaring has on the Niger River delta ecosystem and the lives and health of the people living there. Shell management, and the oil industry in general, simply doesn’t give a lusty crap. Never has, and never will.

Shell (and other companies as well) is clearly actively aiding and abetting the Nigerian government, such that it is, in the repression of the Nigerian people, because it pays. And it pays big time. Hell, with all the ‘seconds’ Shell has in Nigerian government agencies Shell (along with other majors) could almost be considered the governing agency for that country.

Look at a satellite nighttime photo of the Niger River Delta. You could probably read a newspaper from the light of those flares. This is responsible corporate conduct ??

Please. Angels and Ministers of Grace deliver us. In Nigeria Shell is engaged in nothing less that industrial feudalism, and that is the way they (and the other major) want it. God forbid the Nigerians get their act together and establish a government that is responsive to the needs of the people. That would end the gravy chain Shell has established. Shell won’t tolerate that.

If you really want to understand the ‘character’ of Shell and Shell management (not to mention other oil companies) just look at how they operate in Nigeria. These people are thugs in suits.

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