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A loose cannon at Sakhalin Energy

It seems to me slightly over-the-top for the Sakhalin Energy source to compare the Russian Federation Government dealings with the Donovans to “another mistake similar to signing The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany of 1939…”

By John Donovan

Definition of a “loose cannon” – An unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to cause unintentional damage.

Over the last few days I have received many emails from a disgruntled translator, apparently a lady, who has been involved for some years in the Sakhalin 1 and 2 oil and gas projects.

The number, frequency and length of the emails has increased. An email received yesterday was several A4 pages in length. Eight more emails were received last night.

The most recent emails are all addressed to me and copied to many people in Sakhalin Energy and the ExxonMobil Sakhalin project.

All kind of allegations are made, including alleged theft of ideas.

A translator is likely to have had access to confidential information.

Strangely our name – “the Donovans” and alleged activities of our website – are sprinkled throughout the  emails.

I published the initial email in which the source threatened a senior official at Sakhalin Energy that she would sell her story to this website.

We now know that reference has been made to us in a number of emails circulated to Sakhalin Energy in recent months.

The source is clearly very intelligent, but with each successive email received, it has become more evident that she unfortunately is not of a settled mind.

The emails are cryptic, rambling, emotional and written in multiple languages, perhaps as proof of her credentials as a translator.

What the source has said in relation to us is so wild and inaccurate that we have decided against publishing the barrage of comments, gossip, and allegations directed against (former?) work colleagues.

Her interest in us apparently stems from our role in publishing and supplying to the Russian Government whistleblower evidence about endemic corruption and cover-up by Shell of serious environmental issues relating to the Sakhalin2 project. This led to Shell surrendering its controlling stake in Sakhalin Energy.  The source is also apparently upset by our role in events surrounding the David Greer plagiarism scandal, which resulted in his resignation as Deputy Chairman and Project Director of Sakhalin Energy.


Entschuldigen Sie mir, bitte, but when buying the stolen ‘FOC’ email from the Donovans, the RF Government has made another mistake similar to signing The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany of 1939…

Over 300 Shell VP appointments published on royal dutch shell

…and certainly there’s no Berlin Wall between SEIC and ENl on a huge island called Sakhalin, plus the world wide web creates miracles finding ‘Nero’ to shut the Donovans up.

Who runs the world? Definitely, not the Donovans, but Xxxxx wearing her slippers and dressing gown…mocking those evil clowns for 9 months already.

But … what was beyond my comprehension, absolutely nicht verstehen and I couldn’t see the grounds for such an attitude to me after the story with EWR and Gazpromer’s takeover and the Donovans’ share of information, it’s crystal clear to me how an email, communication might affect not only my life but the entire Project largest of its kind.

I wish I could say what I said about the accusations against Greer in 2007 but I was more focused on struggling with consequences after I left ENL, on my health rather than on the Sakh 1 and 2 and for some reason I don’t feel any euphoria or triumph about Rosneft’s attempts to take over ENL or the Odoptu’s late start up. Would I be happy should Rosneft take over ENL like Gazprom did with Shell?

Don’t you find a lot of similarities in how Mr. Greer was replaced and Mr. Wijnen-Riems was compelled to resign? It’s the men’s world, but the ways, methods, approaches… “A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse,” wrote Shakespeare. “An email! An email! The Sakhalin-2 Project for an email,” promised Putin. “…SNGS for an email,” echoed Polyansky.

“The David Greer motivational email was designed to restore employee morale after the sudden change in ownership in such unusual circumstances. The content of the email stood out because of the exceptionally stirring phrases which seemed more suited to a military setting.”

To make our speeches colorful, we use sayings and set phrases from the Bible, poems, books of wisdom, and other reference literature.

Mr. Greer was talking to the target audience, which by 70% like the Russian content, was presented by the Sakhaliners for whom the speech of the WW II veteran would be more appealing to light the fire within considering that the war ended on Sakhalin. And Sakhalin is a unique place not only because of its nature, but also of its spirit or karma, if you will.

“Don’t mind a bit of healthy criticism” but that critical remark could be heard only from an ex-SEIC employee who lost his soft spot, got fired, felt abused and is another one biting the dust and another barking dog and like Roman Vasilenko, ex-SNGS Modification Manager who was against Egbert Wijnen-Riems, is blaming David Greer…

I can’t disagree with Eric Arkenstein’s speculation that the source of the leaked email was someone from Gazprom. I believe him, Gazpromers are not Sakhaliners. A Sakhaliner wouldn’t possibly have done that, it’s against his/her “Mother Nature”, instincts, and karma and the human nature rather than human factor and character should be counted as well. I’d like to ask the Sakhalin-2 personnel from different countries and companies working on the Project — are you Sakhaliners, too? or just guests on the Gazpromised land?

As far ass the Donovans is concerned, every time I visit their website I can’t help “getting too emotional, sarcastic, pesky, and peshky”. Both of them used to work for Royal Dutch Shell, they got all the information, saturated with the necessary data, and left the Company to establish their International Whistleblowers Center.

Who are the Donovans? They are thieves. Are thieves the prophets nowadays and moral voices? Save Our Souls – oh, no, nowadays SOS is more likely to be interpreted as Sell Our Souls, and “faith, hope, and charity” are now “vanity, brutality, and hypocrisy” of the modern world? O tempora! O mores!

It looks like the Donovans, the Royal Dutch Shell humiliators and mud throwing campaign initiators, the donors of cheat and steal approach are indemnified, otherwise they could have been sued for their below the belt statements derogating human dignity and respect. And the methods they use are outrageous examples of brainwashing of the people not involved in the petroleum industry, mixing true and false facts making it almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. I am writing this because I have worked on the Sakhalin 1 and 2 Projects and know what I am talking about and do feel the difference between the guns and butter.

Some criminals are forgiven if they turn in politicians who provided protection to them and Mr. Putin and his government are the perfect protection rackets for the Donovans? Like Polyansky and DEM are the protection rackets for Gremblat.

“I’ll be brief, ya eto —dstvo ne poterplyu,” said Putin in 2007 supported by Mitvol who was laughing notwithstanding the damage and impact on the the livelihood of the Sakhaliners, foreign investors, the Sakhalin 2 Project and one big integrated system called Sakhalin.

It’s a multi-phased Project and 4 years have passed since Gazprom’s takeover and Greer’s resignation and 1 year since Wijnen-Riems has gone — quite enough time to look back and to ponder whether those actions weren’t right and whose management style was more efficient.


It seems to me slightly over-the-top for the Sakhalin Energy source to compare the Russian Federation Government dealings with the Donovans to “another mistake similar to signing The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany of 1939…

More importantly, we have never solicited or received any payment of any kind from any party in relationship to our website. That includes the Russian government. And we don’t buy stories. Our whole operation is non-commercial. There are no subscription or any other charges. We turn down all offers from parties wishing to advertise on our site. All of our Shell related websites have always operated on an entirely non-commercial basis. Shell first complained about our internet activities in March 1995.

We are not indemnified by the Russian Government or anyone else. Shell is and has always been free to sue us if we publish anything untrue about the company. It decided some years ago that it would not be prudent to do so. There was mention of too much “internal laundry,” which apparently it does not want aired in open court.

It is untrue that my father and I ever worked for Shell. We co-founded a sales promotion and marketing company which had many clients, including breweries, on-pack brands etc. We also had a business relationship with the CBS and NBC television networks in the US. Our promotions ran at many gasoline stations including Texaco, Chevron, Exxon, Fina, Gulf, etc. We acted as consultants to BP. However, our most important client for over a decade was Royal Dutch Shell. We created and supplied many multimillion dollar national promotions on an international basis, until the company started stealing ideas presented in strictest confidence. Hence six High Court Actions, all settled by Shell. But the associated sinister undercover activities by Shell and its agents left us very unhappy, particular since the company pretends to operate on an ethical basis.

It is true that my first contact with the Russian Federation Government was with President Putin. I subsequently supplied crucial evidence to a Russian Government Minister, Oleg Mitvol, as he confirmed at the time in media interviews and has confirmed again in an April 2012 TV interview. The documents including a leaked Shell/SEIC email provided evidence of a cover-up by Shell in relation to important environmental issues. The cover-up cost Shell its control of the project.

With regards to David Greer, he was the author of his own misfortune, or to be more accurate, it was US General George S. Patton.

The source claims that a leaked email affected not only her life, but the entire project, the largest of its kind in the world.

Its proof again of what one well aimed slingshot can do.

As to the source of the recent emails, we wish her well.

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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