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Fake Shell Websites: Truth Really Is Stranger Than Fiction

By John Donovan

The fake Shell website organizers currently running rings round Shell, apparently have its management and army of lawyers in a state of disarray. The Arctic campaigners said Shell had threatened legal proceedings. This turned out be be part of the carefully contrived hoax. Shell said in an official statement posted on a genuine Shell website that it had not taken legal action and claimed that instead, “Our focus is on safely executing our operations.”

The “turning the other cheek” tactic was short-lived. According to an executive director of Greenpeace, Shell has now issued a notice warning about commencing proceedings.

We have a unique perspective on these events being the originators of what could be described as the first fake Shell website, which (according to Shell) is “deliberately misleading”, directing the “unsuspecting internet user” to the Donovan “Shell” website, instead of the real Shell website. It is true that despite our disclaimers and numerous other indicators to the contrary, because of the domain name, some people do believe that it is the official Shell website.

Hence we receive business proposals, job applications and even terrorist threats meant for Shell. What is even odder, is that we have Shell’s permission to sift the incoming emails meant for Shell and deal with them at our discretion on their behalf. This was agreed in writing.

The bizarre arrangement was set out again in a more recent communication attached to a letter we received from Shell International Limited dated 17 July 2012 (from Mr Gary Thomson). This provides further confirmation that “Shell’s No. 1 Enemy” is officially dealing on Shell’s behalf with such matters.

This is not a prank or a hoax, but a provable fact. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

How on earth could Royal Dutch Shell, the biggest company in the world, have got itself into such a humiliating situation?

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