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Keri Huston calls for a boycott of Shell stations in the USA

By John Donovan

Operating, as we do, under the .com domain name for Royal Dutch Shell Plc inevitably creates some confusion.

For several years, we have been receiving job applications, business proposals and even terrorist threats, all meant for Shell. I have written permission from RDS Plc Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes to deal with such mail on Shell’s behalf.

From time to time, we also receive angry complaints meant for Shell, as per this email from an irate American motorist accusing Shell of corporate greed:

Subject: Study: California refineries produced fuel during “shutdown”

Mr. Donovan-  This information, which I’m sure your well aware of, is not a surprise!  Your company will eventually become regulated by the government because of the Corporate greed that this article addresses by Shell  and other refineries. Until then you can continue to laugh all the way to the bank as for me, I wouldn’t stop at a shell station now or anytime in the future.  I’ll encourage friends, family and coworkers to do the same.  Your done!!!!!!!
Keri Huston

In fact, I will not be laughing all the way to the bank because our activities and services connected with monitoring the greedy unethical oil giant are entirely non-commercial.

Keri’s fury seems to have arisen from this news report: Study: California refineries operated during periods blamed for gas price spikes


WASHINGTON — West Coast gasoline price spikes in May and October were widely blamed on refinery outages, but new research to be released at a California hearing Thursday shows that refiners continued to produce gasoline in periods when the public was told the contrary.

Specifically, the report alleges that in May, at a time when Royal Dutch Shell’s Martinez, Calif., plant was reported to be down for maintenance for two weeks, it appears to have been making gasoline for at least half that time. That conclusion is reached from state environmental documents showing nitrogen oxide emissions had returned to normal at the refinery a full week before it was reported to have come back on line.

Here is another complaint meant for Shell received today by email, this time about the Shell Drivers Club:

I have been trying to contact yourselves at the driversclub for over three months now by both email and phone and still cant get to talk to anyone.

When i phone the number on the back of the card i hear a answer machine which wont put me through to a actual person.

When i email i just get an automated response back.

When i phone the head off i get the shell drivers card has nothing to do with us as we have it contacted out.

What is the point on wasting so much revenue  on advertising trying to encourage customers to use the shell drivers club when there is no customer service in place.
Can you please explain why this is so.

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