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Ikea ‘deeply regrets’ use of forced labour: when is Shell going to apologise?

I wonder when Royal Dutch Shell is going to apologise for using Jewish forced labour at its German subsidiary Rhenania-Ossag…

By John Donovan

BBC News has reported that Ikea ‘deeply regrets’ use of forced labour.

According to the report:

Ikea gave contracts to the East German (GDR) government in the 1970s. Former political prisoners of the Stasi, the feared secret police, said they worked on the furniture, prompting Ikea to commission the Ernst & Young report in May this year.

The company said that although it took steps to try to ensure that prisoners were not used in production, “it is now clear that these measures were not effective enough”.

The same story was covered in many newspapers, including The Sun:

“Ikea admits using political prisoners in forced labour scandal”

I wonder when Royal Dutch Shell is going to apologise for using Jewish forced labour at its German subsidiary Rhenania-Ossag before and during World War 2?

Jewish forced labour was used by Shell prior to the appointment of a Nazi administrator. Many members of  Shell management/staff at Rhenania-Ossag were ardent Nazis years before WW2. See photograph below.

Furthermore, there was a continuance of the same senior management before and after the war.

It is a matter of fact that Royal Dutch Shell remained the owner of Rhenania-Ossag before, during and after WW2. 

Shell conspired directly with Hitler, financed the Nazi Party, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis.

Shell remained in bed with the Nazis long after the resignation of its Nazi leader, Sir Henri Deterding and even after his death.

Shell might also want to apologise for its long history of tax avoidance, another topical subject.

If Shell disputes what I say, I am willing and ready to present a considerable volume of evidence in Court, I have gathered from newspaper archives (and other sources) around the world over the past few years. Some of the evidence directly contradicts the opinions expressed by Shell’s paid historians whose work was supervised by a Shell editorial committee including notables such as the reserves fraudster, Sir Philip Watts and his co-conspirator in the cover-up, Jeroen der Veer.

I will in any event publish all of the evidence early next year.

Photo: Staff meeting of the Shell oil factory in Hamburg Curio-Haus, 8 April 1935


MAP shown on page 470 of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Volume 1”

Covering red text states:

“Late in 1933 Rhenania set up an information office for motorists and launched a large series of motorists’ touring maps, emphasizing – despite some political doubts from The Hague – the importance of Shell as a contributor to the Germany economy.

In fact, Deterding/Shell pumped funds into the German economy in a variety of ways, saving the Nazi party from financial collapse.

SEE: Adolf Hitler thanks Sir Henri Deterding for donation of a million reichs-marks and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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