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Shell undermines climate, guts clean energy legislation

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By: Ray Anderson, River Falls Published February 13, 2013

Letter: Shell undermines climate, guts clean energy legislation, he says

TO THE EDITOR: The Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, the most carbon-intensive oil company in the world, will contribute more to global warming than any other oil company.

Shell continues to expand investments in oil sands and oil shale using the dirtiest technologies to make it a leader in the industry. Often extracted with gas, that gas is burnt off in huge roaring flames at Shell’s operations in Nigeria, causing premature deaths, child respiratory illnesses, asthma attacks and cancer.

Even though gas flaring was made illegal in 1984, “instead of stopping that practice, Shell decided it was more profitable to pay the legal fines instead and continues to flare one billion cubic feet of gas per day.

Shell spends millions lobbying to convince decision makers, the media and the public that it is curbing its greenhouse gas emissions, but continues to invest in biofuels with serious environmental problems. They also have stopped investing in renewables like wind and solar.

Shell has used its position to undermine climate legislation and gut clean energy legislation like the American Clean Energy Security Act. That act now allows more U.S. imports of dirty oil sands from Canada and ensures polluters they can continue business as usual until 2030 or beyond without having to actually reduce their emissions.

Now, Shell is set to begin drilling in the Polar Bear Seas off the coast of Alaska. That will cause irreparable harm to some of our most spectacular and vulnerable wildlife like polar bears, bowhead and beluga whales, seals and walruses, as well as devastate the way of life for Alaskan natives.

I am outraged at Shell’s irresponsible actions. To add insult to injury, Shell is reaping huge profits while we cut deeper into our budgets to pay for the increasing price of gas.

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