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Beware of a man in a Shell Hat

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 15.42.20By John Donovan: We have published below the content of an email sent on 1 March 2013 to Shell CEO Peter Voser by a former Shell supplier in Ireland: The OSSL Company. Basically it is alleged that Shell involved the company in corruption, facilitating bribes given to third parties on Shell’s behalf, including the Irish police. This activity all related to the highly controversial Corrib Gas Project in Ireland, dogged by allegations of corruption, threats, imprisonment of protestors, and misconduct by Shell from the outset. OSSL claims that invoices were falsified at the instruction of Shell as part of the conspiracy. The email message has a typically Irish flavour…


A man in a SHELL HAT asks for a car engine …we ask why us?

The man in the SHELL HAT explains its for him …we ask who will pay and explain we don’t sell car engines …

The man in the SHELL HAT say he will pay and as a favour to him can we locate it and buy it

We think he’s wearing a SHELL HAT he must be a man of integrity or SHELL would not give him that hat.

We tell the man in the SHELL HAT your engine is here  …fine he says i will come and see you…

He arrives in our premises in person in the HAT ….now about that engine it’s not actually for me… now even although you thought it was because I told you it was

This engine is for a landowner who is making lots of demands from my company SHELL in return for her support and cooperation on the Corrib Gas Project the Man in the SHELL HAT informs us.

I’m now not paying you for the engine the man informs us SHELL are but we are calling it something else because it would not look right to be giving out car engines …the man in the SHELL HAT says that he will advise us how to invoice the engine calling it by another name and he will take it to the landowner.

From that day to this we have never seen our payment the man who paid for the engine has gone in search of his money the man in the SHELL HAT is still in the SHELL HAT..

The woman who the man in the SHELL HAT said got the engine said she didn’t get any engine

The man in the SHELL HAT has not responded to dozens of emails and phone calls from the man who paid for the engine …

The man in the SHELL HAT has a friend who used to wear a SHELL HAT that friend contacted.

The man who paid for the engine and told him that if he told anybody about the engine he would personally see to it that he or any of his small company colleagues would never do business with SHELL any where in the world again …

The man who paid for the engine went to the HEAD OFFICE of all the people with SHELL HATS

But the doorman would not let him in the security door he waited and waited outside the building eventually the man who ordered the engine whilst wearing his SHELL HAT came down and spoke to the man who paid for the engine …if you go from here now I will phone you at five O clock tonight to tell you what I will arrange to get you your money back ….

…yes you guessed it ….no phone call money  …no engine ….no more business

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