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Price-fixing investigation targeting Shell, BP, and StatOil

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Your readers may find the following links interesting in view of the latest allegations regarding Royal Dutch Shell, BP, StatOil, and perhaps others:

  1. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – Wikipedia, the 

    This law-related article does not cite its references or sources. You can help Wikipedia by including appropriate 

  2. 18 USC Chapter 96 – RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT › USC › Title 18 › Part I

    The Congress number forms the first part of the Public Law number; each Congress  The Public Law field is linked to the development of the law in the Thomas system  RICO · Equal Employment Opportunity Commission · Affirmative action 

  3. What Is the Rico Statute? – wiseGEEK

    Mar 11, 2013 – The RICO statute is a piece of US federal legislation dedicated to breaking up organized crime. The offenses covered by the RICO…

Under US law anyone convicted under the RICO statutes can spend up to 20 years in prison per violation. There are also provisions for recovery of moneys from these companies. Can you imagine – the largest class action lawsuit of its kind in history.

I say let’s try those guys here in the States, and send them to a Federal maximum security prison where their new neighbors and buddies will be murders, rapists, kidnappers, serial killers,  etc. Given Mr. Browne’s reputation he could end up being the new ‘boy toy’ of his cell block.

Life could get very difficult for these fellows.

So, tell me again, why does Oxford University want to associate themselves with the like of RDS, et al ??? I have yet to figure that one out.


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